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Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism At Any Age! Revealed to the world by Author Alessandra Solis

Miraculous Discovery for Weight-Loss Reverses the Widespread Dieting Approach of the Past Century. Revealed to the world in the revolutionary diet book: EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™, Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism at any Age!, by Author and Journalist Alessandra Solis

Miami, Florida, 2017-Nov-27 — /EPR Network/ —  Alessandra Solis has unveiled a miraculous discovery that will enable anyone to lose weight quickly. Her proven method helps speed up the metabolism and burn fat at a rapid pace. It also leads to feelings of satiety early in the meal. What makes this theory so astonishing is that it’s inexpensive, and all of the ingredients can be purchased in the convenience of your grocery store. In fact EAT HOT…LOOK HOT’s secret strategies to lose weight quickly relies upon periodic ‘additions’ of certain foods and spices that have fat-busting and metabolism-boosting effects, challenging the prevailing typical weight loss regimen which can be summarized as ‘Eat Less Calories, Exercise More!’


Orangetheory Fitness to Celebrate Their Tenth Dallas-Fort Worth Location

Released on: April 30, 2015, 9:03 am (EDT)
Author: Xan Carr
Industry: Healthcare

Dallas, TX, April 30, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Today, Orangetheory Fitness-North Texas announced that the tenth location in DFW will open in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, TX in mid-May at the new Preston Hollow Village development. This high-intensity interval training fitness company opened its first North Texas “pilot” locations in April 2014 in Plano, followed by Frisco and Allen. Other locations in the area include Addison, Coppell, Colleyville, Preston-Frankford and Mesquite. Future locations will include studios in Castle Hills-Lewisville, McKinney, Southlake, Keller and more. The projected opening dates of these locations will be released in the near future.


Give Thanks for a New You – Shape Up This Thanksgiving

Released on: October 03, 2014, 7:05 am (EDT)
Author: The Dragonfly Ranch
Industry: Travel

Captain Cook, Hawaii, October 03, 2014 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Instead of pigging out this Thanksgiving why not spend a week in Hawaii with The Dragonfly family “Shaping up?”

Hawaii’s legendary Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center has found a great new way to give thanks to your body. This Thanksgiving they’re hosting a transformational 10-day weight loss/cleanse with MD and renowned women’s specialist, Dr. Diana Hoppe. (www.DrDianaHoppe.com.)


Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Released on: September 16, 2014, 3:29 am (EDT)
Author: Barbara Moore
Industry: Travel

Give Thanks for a New You—Shaping Up Instead of Pigging Out for Thanksgiving

No plans for Thanksgiving? Why not create and celebrate a new you in Kona, Hawaii?

Kona, Hawaii, September 16, 2014 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Renowned women’s specialist/speaker/writer, Dr. Diana Hoppe, www.Dr.DianaHoppe.com, offers a week (with extra 3 days optional) of a simple detoxing cleanse that helps people drop unwanted fat around the middle—with ease. Dr. Hoppe says, “This system I recommend is all natural: dairy-free, soy-free, and jitter-free.”


Nutrit Meal Replacement To Start Crowdsource Campaign  

Released on: June 19, 2014, 8:38 pm (EDT)
Author: Paul Wolos 
Industry: Food & Beverage 

Sta. Clara, CA, June 19, 2014 — /EPR NETWORK/ — We are pleased to announce that Nutrit Meal Replacement is starting a Crowdtilt Campaign for its initial production run.

On the heals of the successful campaign for Soylent, Nutrit promises a meal replacement product that has been totally reimagined. Nutrit provides a complete days nutrition while helping a person avoid processed ingredients, soy, wheat, dairy, GMOs, and Dairy. Nutrit is made up of organic proteins and fats, flavored with organic cocoa. Nutrit costs less than fast food, is easier to make than instant noodles, and tastes similar to chocolate milk.


Want Vibrant Wellness? Free talk by Encinitas physician December 4th

Released on: November 29, 2013, 8:55 am
Author: Dragonfly Ranch Hawaii Bed & Breakfast & Healing Arts Retreat 
Industry: Healthcare

Is Vibrant Wellness on Your To-do List?

Encinitas Physician Offering a Free Talk About Wellness

November 29, 2013, 8:55 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — Dr. Diana Hoppe, Encinitas Ob/Gyn physician, is giving a free talk at the Kaila Beauty Bar and Med Spa in Encinitas on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.


Be Thin Now – Why Weight?


Released on: March 05, 2013, 10:15 am
Author: Jennifer Liz Kennedy 
Industry: Entertainment

March 05, 2013, 10:15 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — “Secrets from a Size Zero” by Lori Bassarab, is now available for anyone wanting to be thin. Be Thin Now – Why Weight? Don’t just wish for a thin body, do something about it and get one. Everyone knows what it’s like to overindulge and let cravings for indulgences take over, but not everyone stops dead in their tracks and takes a new direction so their life goes in a better, thinner track. Be one of those people who takes action and gets the body they want to have, by reading “Secrets from a Size Zero” by Lori Bassarab, available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


A New Quiz to Check Your Low-Carb IQ

Released on: May 03, 2012, 3:03 pm
Author: Low Carb Foods
Industry: Food & Beverage

May 03, 2012, 3:03 pm — /EPR NETWORK/ — The rising popularity of Atkins-approved menus and other low-carbohydrate products shows that ‘low-carb’ has become the new ‘health’ and ‘fat-free’ label. Millions of carb-aware dieters are cutting back on carbohydrates as a way of eating a more balanced diet. A new low-carb quiz complements this theme, helping oldies and newbies to learn more about their low-carb habits. The quiz helps dieters find out if they are making the best choices with vegetables, fish, eggs, and poultry, focusing on the role of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in our diet.


Attention Networkers Sevenpoint2 MLM Launch 72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge Join The Alkaline Revolution Movement

Released on: September 07, 2011, 3:33 pm
Author: Hilry Thomas
Industry: Food & Beverage

Sevenpoint2 Alkaline movement has begun. Sevenpoint2 vision is to introduce a “72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge” and launch a Worldwide Alkaline Movement. The products are designed and formulated to assist you and your body to a healthy 7.2ph balance “easily”. The mission “Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.” Our Vision is clear and simple “To have One Million people, consuming and enjoying the benefits of our products”, thereby creating the worlds first Alkaline movement


Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta

Released on: August 22, 2011, 2:17 am
Author: Maria Anderson
Industry: Healthcare

Atlanta, GA. August 22, 2011. Medical weight loss in Atlanta seen to be more effective that conventional non-medical weight loss programs. If you are seriously overweight or having trouble losing weight through normal methods you should definitely consider medical weight loss. Medical weight loss is any sort of diet or regimen of weight loss that is supervised by a doctor.