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San Diego, CA, 2017-Apr-18 — /EPR Network/ — Every company has a crisis from time to time. If the company is small or medium in size, one crisis can take it off the map. Here are some directives that will get you through your next one; share it with your senior staff and don’t read it ‘after’ the event occurred, this should be in memory lest you compete with United for news space.

1. TRY TO RESOLVE IT WITH SOMETHING THAT COMES EASILY TO YOU, THAT YOUR CUSTOMER VALUES. Whatever business you are in, you get your goods or services wholesale (free flights, even on a standby basis). Try to resolve the problem by offering something that has a high perceived value but is not so dear to you that it creates a large loss. The customer is ‘not’ always right, but the customer can write something about you on Yelp and, as it hurts you more to respond, they will ‘seem’ right to the public, who will only read one side of it all.

2. AVOID CALLING THE POLICE (of any kind) FOR A NON-CRIMINAL INCIDENT. Once you try to make the police force your own, and they step in with people who are trained to control others, you will have alienated your client past the point of no return. Worse yet, if the person flails and touches a police officer, he or she now gets a criminal record thanks to you and believe me, you will pay dearly for that. As stupid goes, this is the most stupid move a company can use against a client when the company is not at threat. A disagreement is never resolved when one party is fully armed and the other is afraid of arrest.


Negotiator Steven Riznyk discusses how Ashley Madison could help save your relationship

Released on: September 14, 2015, 1:11 pm
Author: Steven Riznyk
Industry: Education

San Diego, CA, September 14, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — People clutched their proverbial pearls when the Ashley Madison scandal hit the news last month. Hackers released the identities of 37 million account holders on a website dedicated to facilitating extramarital affairs. Simultaneously, a resounding chorus of male voices practicing their alibies echoed into the stratosphere. Meanwhile, scorned women poured themselves a glass of Pinot while plotting their revenge.


US Immigration DVD Lowers Illegal Immigration

Released on: March 19, 2010, 3:03 am
Author: Amanda Berkshire
Industry: Law

March 19th Dallas, Texas—US-Immigration-Explained, the first DVD to ever explain US immigration law to the masses in simple language is actually lowering illegal immigration rates. “We have received a number of calls recently”, states immigration lawyer and author Steven Riznyk, “that demonstrate the effect”. He states that people call explaining they had no concept of how the system works and for the first time really understand how their ideas were wrong and would hurt their lives. And people are actually telling me, states Mr Riznyk that they are returning, where others are telling me that they have decided against making the journey.

A lot of people, states Steven Riznyk, have this misconception that they can illegally enter the United States and a year or so later all is forgiven. “I don’t know how these rumors start, but they get misinterpreted along the way and people’s lives are ruined by them”. What we are observing now, states Mr Riznyk, is that people, given the right information, are making rational decisions based on reality, not rumor. If they can decide based on a fact, they are more likely to make a decision that they will honor. And what we are finding, states Steven, is that people are finally understanding that they do have a choice; they don’t just have to run to the United States because it’s there. They can file a case legally as well. Customers are also recognizing that some things have more value than money itself.


The Cap Is Getting Close For H2B Visas

Released on: March 12, 2010, 12:04 am
Author: Amanda Berkshire
Industry: Law

The Cap is getting close for H2B Visas by Amanda Berkshire

Dallas, March 12th, 2010-This week the government released the latest count for the H2B, and we are at 58,845. The H-2B, states immigration lawyer Steven Riznyk (www.my-Immigration-Attorney.com) is a wonderful visa that allows employers with peak load, seasonal, and intermittent needs to hire temporary foreign workers to help them through. The H-2B does not have a degree requirement as contrasted to the H1b, so there is no shortage of persons available for the type of work that requires this assistance.

The only drawback to the H-2B, states Steven Riznyk, is that it requires the position to be advertised, which adds to the cost, sometimes substantially. Although this adds to the cost of the case, it is still a less expensive case than the H-1B that has filing fees of $1570 or $2320. In addition, with the H1B, employers often pay the $1000 Premium Processing fee in order to receive a rapid response. There is a blanket petition available as long as the multiple workers (called beneficiaries) conduct the same type of work on the same basis and in the same occupation and locale. Unlike the H1B’s specific rules, the employee can pay for the legal and filing fees of the case. If an employer terminates an employee, though, that employer must provide transportation to return the person to their home country and notify the USCIS. If an employer does not meet the conditions of the H2B or willfully misrepresents a material fact, he or she could face a $10,000 fine per violation, as well as be closed out of the petition process for 1-5 year term.


H1 B Visa Season is in Full Swing

Released on: March 11, 2010, 3:48 am
Author: Amanda Berkshire
Industry: Law

Dallas, TX March 11th 2010-The H1-b season is here. Many foreign workers with 4-year degrees will be filing their H-1 cases April 1st in the hopes of being able to work in the United States come October 1st. This visa is most popular amongst three groups of people: foreign students, medical professionals, and the tech sector. The H1b is fraught with a lot of misinformation. As a result, international lawyer Steven Riznyk has prepared a 9-page handout that people can download free at www.my-Immigration-Attorney.comin order to clarify the many questions immigration lawyers receive this time of year.

There is just so much misinformation out there, states Mr Riznyk, and with filing fees as high as they are, it would be a shame to file a case that would clearly not qualify. Additionally, the Internet if full of misinformation – information that is partial, preventing people from really understanding the issues. A call he received last week is indicative of what he means. A gentleman who drives trucks called me, states Mr Riznyk, and explained he had a job offer as a truck driver. We discussed his options and he had wanted me to call him back in Austria, which I did. He informed me that he did not want to hear from me anymore as he read a web site that informed him that for $247 he could apply for an H-1B visa and he stated “lawyers are too expensive”. The $247 he read in the web site stated it included filing fees. The filing fees for an H1B are $1570 or $2320, depending on the number of employees, and the H1B requires a 4-year degree or equivalent for a position that requires a four-year degree. Unfortunately, that person will not only lose $247, but also the filing date of April 1st. Most importantly he doesn’t qualify for an H1B, but nothing I could say would dissuade him.