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Behind the Lyric

Richmond, Texas, 2017-May-02 — /EPR Network/ — “Go Away” A song that is available on itunes and amazon.com was written after the incident where Rapper Fifty cent mocked an autistic man. It was out of empathy for that man intertwined with my own hurt, that this song was written.

I was struggling emotionally and solicited the help of an ex-coworker. Instead of responding in a respectful manner, he berated me. I was in a difficult situation and had ongoing health issues. I reached out believing he would surely help or offer advice, but I misjudged who he was as a person and his response was unexpected.

That was emotionally difficult for me although, I was not publicly humiliated the way Andrew that autistic man was but because of my experience, I could empathize.


Digital music service sets a new standard for online music discovery



Released on: November 24, 2008, 5:54 am

Press Release Author: NexTune, Inc.

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Music discovery remains the biggest challenge for consumers entering the domain of digital music.

Press Release Body: Redmond, WA November 22, 2008 – NexTune.com, a relatively unknown startup, continues its push into the competitive landscape of digital music services with an array of new features that you just can’t find on other music sites. Along with full streaming audio and music downloads, NexTune now provides the most comprehensive online music discovery and custom playlisting experience ever offered to the general public.

Music discovery remains the biggest challenge for consumers entering the domain of digital music. NexTune has effectively broken the barrier with its MoodMaker and SmartMix online search engine allowing consumers to quickly find songs that match a given mood or to locate songs that flow together well. Consumers can quickly assign the songs they like to an online playlist or download them to NexTune‘s desk top software. Members can also create an online MP3 player widget that can be placed on their favorite web pages like MySpace. These, along with several other features, are packaged around an interactive social media experience where NexTune members can share their songs and playlists with other members.

NexTune is a free service with a lot of incentives. Members earn points for connecting with other members and posting or downloading playlists. Members with the most points win cash prizes.

Of all the sites out there, NexTune.com is clearly the most entertaining and serves up a good dose of eye candy. Their site is simple to use, intuitive and offers millions of songs that are easy to browse and play. With their full streaming audio you can listen to the full versions of your favorite music or music you just discovered.

About NexTune, Inc. – NexTune, Inc. is a music software company leveraging computer technology to improve the personal music experience. NexTune’s flagship software, Nexus provides music consumers with a complete music management, playlisting, and music programming experience. The NexTune Music Network is a social music web site where its members socialize with other music enthusiasts in an interactive, online environment of personal profiles, photos and music.


Web Site: http://www.nextune.com

Contact Details: NexTune, Inc.
8201 164th Ave. NE Suite 200 
Redmond, WA 98052

PH: 425-869-9095
Fax: 425-861-7368