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Economic crisis calls for fast action on debt

Released on: October 16, 2008, 8:08 am

Press Release Author: Debt Advisers Direct

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Debt Advisers Direct warn anyone struggling with debt to seek expert debt advice as soon as possible, as the IMF predict in a new report that a severe global economic downturn may be on the horizon if world governments do not act together to prevent it.

Press Release Body: Responding to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s report suggesting that the global economic slowdown is likely to worsen and spread to more economic sectors, Debt Advisers Direct have warned the public that extremely testing times may be ahead, and people should look to get their finances in order and clear any debts as soon as possible.

In their new Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF have warned of “growing turmoil”, saying that the state of the global economy has worsened since its last assessment in April 2008. They also said that Governments’ willingness to act would be crucial in “bringing about a return to stability in the international financial system”.

Although the global economic crisis has so far been mostly limited to the financial sectors in more developed economies, the IMF warned that may soon be about to change, with other sectors and developing economies likely to be affected in the future.

A note on the IMF press release said: “financial institutions in emerging markets, which until recently remained fairly resilient, will be confronted with a much more challenging economic environment: A combination of global credit tightening, and economic slowdown, which could accelerate a downturn in the domestic credit cycle in some countries. Those economies with greater reliance on short-term flows or with leveraged banking systems funded internationally are particularly vulnerable.”

A spokesperson for Debt Advisers Direct said that the threat of financial hardship applies to everybody – not just people on lower incomes or those already in debt.

“The nature of the economic crisis is that many peoples’ jobs are at risk, and that applies just as much to people earning high incomes as it does to low earners. At the same time, many costs of living such as food and energy are still on the rise, so most of us are likely to feel the squeeze to some extent.

“For that reason it’s essential that anyone who is currently struggling financially, particularly those struggling with debt, seeks the relevant advice as soon as possible.”

The Debt Advisers Direct spokesperson added that there are a range of debt solutions available to help people in various financial situations. “For those with a number of debts, a debt consolidation loan could be the answer,” he said.

Debt consolidation involves grouping all of your debts into convenient single monthly payments. It can also reduce interest rates if you are consolidating high-APR forms of credit such as credit cards, and it can allow you to reschedule your payments over a longer period, making your monthly payments lower. However, this may result in paying more interest in the long term.

“Alternatively, for those who want a less formal debt solution, a debt management plan can reduce your monthly payments to an amount you can afford, as well as freezing interest and other charges.

“Or for people with debts of over £15,000, an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is an alternative to bankruptcy which could help you keep your home and other assets.”

The spokesperson added: “Above all, it’s very important that anyone struggling with their debts seeks the appropriate advice immediately, because it’s very possible that things are going to get even tighter in the coming months.”

Web Site: http://www.debtadvisersdirect.co.uk

Contact Details: Debtadvisersdirect.co.uk helps people with financial difficulties, providing free advice and tailor-made debt solutions. For more information, contact Melanie.Taylor@debtadvisersdirect.co.uk (0845 056 6480) or visit thedebtadvisersdirect.co.uk website at http://www.debtadvisersdirect.co.uk/.

LV study finds drivers flout child seat laws

Released on: October 2, 2008, 6:02 am

Press Release Author: LV=

Industry: Automotive

Press Release Summary: LV= has carried out research revealing that despite safety risks, one in six drivers break the law regarding child car seats, with family friends the most likely to put children at risk.

Press Release Body: New research carried out by LV=, the UK car insurer, has revealed that one in six drivers are breaking child car seat laws and putting their young passengers’ safety at risk.

By law, drivers must ensure that all children younger than 12 and shorter than 135cm (4’5″) use a child or booster seat. Without this, the risk of fatality or injury in the event of an accident rises by 71% and 69% respectively.

The new laws were introduced in 2006 and the research by car insurer LV= has found many drivers are ignorant of their legal duty of care. One in five (21%) of those who fail to comply with the law say they are unaware the guidelines even exist.

Worryingly, one in ten of those who are aware of the guidelines say they just disregard them and don’t bother to fit safety seats, despite the fact that the laws were brought in to ensure that all children are protected on the roads, to reduce fatalities and injuries.

Not only is the failure to use a proper child seat dangerous for both the passenger and the driver, it also carries a potential penalty fine of £500.

The LV= study shows that children are most at risk when travelling with friends of the family, with over a quarter (26%) of those admitting to not using car child seats.

The research also found that even in cases when an appropriate car seat is used, almost a quarter of drivers (24%) say they do not check the safety seat is installed properly, potentially putting their young passengers in danger.

In 2007 there were more than 3000 child casualties as a result of road accidents, including 121 fatalities. With such high stakes, LV= is today calling on all drivers to ensure they take every precaution and install appropriate safety equipment, to protect themselves and their passengers from harm.

John O’Roarke, Managing Director of LV= Car Insurance, said: “Huge strides have been made to improve child safety on the road in recent years, not least with the introduction of compulsory child seats in 2006. However, it’s clear that many drivers are still confused about the law and for one reason or another, are not following the legislation. So we’d urge all drivers to make sure they’re aware of the guidelines – child seats can take just five minutes to install and greatly reduce the chances of injury to everyone in the car.”

LV= will automatically replace child safety seats for anyone who has taken out their car insurance policy whose car has been in an accident, even if the seat looks undamaged.


About LV=
LV= and LV= Liverpool Victoria are trademarks of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited and LV= and LV= Liverpool Victoria are trading styles of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies. LV= provide a wide range of reliable and good value financial products – from insurance to savings and investments.

Notes to Editors:
Omnibus research was carried out on behalf of LV by YouGov. A nationally representative sample of 2014 adults was questioned online between 4 and 7 August 2008. Results are weighted to be representative of the UK adult population. YouGov is a member of the British Polling Council.

Web Site: http://www.lv.com

Contact Details: For further information please contact:
Emma Holyer
Press Office
69 Park Lane
0208 256 6714

‘Uncle Obama’ Wants You. Namely, The Middle-Class Poor

Released on: September 19, 2008, 3:19 pm

Press Release Author: Professor Don Abrams

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Grow with Obama from middle-class to ‘zero debt’ to rich in one year.

Press Release Body: Sept.19, 2008 – NEW YORK, N.Y. Have you noticed how skinny and weak the average middle-class American looks lately? Nothing but skin and bone. It’s Barack Obama, not ‘Uncle Sam’, who is saying it’s time to feed the poor guy so he can do his job.

The Illinois senator plans to “relieve the burden of the middle class”. Admirable. For a start he introduces the elimination of income tax for retirees making less than $50,000 a year. For many seniors, this will eliminate the need to hire a tax preparer, resulting in even larger savings.

But he forgot a huge portion of the middle class poor. Those who make over $50,000. Those who make between $50-90 thousand per year are in the most desperate need of a tax break. They pay for all these programs that they don’t qualify for. Why the $50,000 per year cap? A top-ten best-selling author of John Wiley & Sons is coming to the rescue…giving away his new book in protesting the plight of the middle-class poor.

Not only is he giving away a book, but a ‘flash of genius’ secret that enables the middle-class poor to be ‘zero debt’ and even be rich in one year. Combined with Obama’s solid start, it sounds good…which is NOT to say that it sounds too good to be true.

He is the author of the international best-seller, “The Profit-Taker: the Proven Rapid Money-Maker in Good and Bad Markets”.

The Chicago Tribune says:”THE PROFIT-TAKER: SOLID ADVICE ON THE STOCK MARKET”. The new free sequel reveals a proven strategy to grow rich – especially for late starters. It is a blueprint that awakens the self-actualizing quest to live long.

The author/inventor, Professor Don Abrams and legendary Professor Smarba, Professor Emeritus of Finance are protesting against those who are igniting the free fall of the middle-class poor. The culprits? Those who are fueling the fire of inflationary prices… from oil to food to books. Not to mention these scrooge-like ‘credit card interest’ plunderers who constantly pursue our unfortunate victims. This is the naked truth. But truth without action is dead.

Do Abrams and Smarba have a solution? Yes! Unequivocally.

“We don’t have turkeys to hand out, but it has to start somewhere. We recognize the debt we owe for the thunderous acclaim of the first book. To that end, we wish to set an example by being credible and responsible to our book-buying public. We have a reader friendly offer as a remedy. We wish to give back. It makes good marketing sense. It’s good for the middle-class poor and for everyone.”

So for the first time ever, the revolutionary and pre-published sequel to the international best-seller is being given away. Over seven years of work in its creation. Given away. Exactly so. Free! This follow-up, “The Profit-Taker Equalizer for the Underdog: Grow from Middle-Class Poor to ‘Zero Debt’ to Rich in One Year”, is yours – with love.

During these troubled times of risky ventures and banking woes, the financial duo wish to follow Obama’s lead and unleash their refreshing, uplifting and unique concept…unencumbered by any cost to the reader, without any strings attached. Simply click on www.profittaker.info and download the complete full-length manuscript copy of their ‘news breaking book’.
# # #

Web Site: http://www.profittaker.info

Contact Details: 213 Lemay St.
Cornwall, Ontario

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Behr Toxic Plume

Released on: September 11, 2008, 4:40 am

Press Release Author: Teresa Kelly

Industry: Environment

Press Release Summary: The suit demands that defendants Behr America, Inc., Behr Dayton Thermal Products, LLC and Behr Dayton Thermal Plant LLC, current owners of the facility, and Chrysler, LLC, former owner, make financial restitution for damages to residents caused by toxic underground fumes caused by groundwater contamination cased by the plant.

Press Release Body: Dayton, OH – The Columbus, Ohio law firm of Leeseberg & Valentine, in litigation partnership with Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC (Maryland) and German Rubenstein, LLP (New York), have announced the filing of a class action lawsuit on behalf of residents living near the Behr Dayton Thermal Plant.

The suit demands that defendants Behr America, Inc., Behr Dayton Thermal Products, LLC and Behr Dayton Thermal Plant LLC, current owners of the facility, and Chrysler, LLC, former owner, make financial restitution for damages to residents caused by toxic underground fumes caused by groundwater contamination cased by the plant.

The suit was filed Tuesday, September 2, in the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery, County, OH. The class includes all persons who live in the McCook Field neighborhood and other areas near the plant, located at 1600 Webster Street in Dayton.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized the damage caused to the McCook neighborhood. Those responsible for the contamination need to be held accountable. Our lawsuit begins the process of holding the wrongdoers responsible for their disregard of the health and safety of these residents,” said attorney Anne Valentine.

Exceedingly high levels of toxic gases linked to cancer have been found in many homes in the area, leading the USEPA this year to nominate the site for the national Super Fund list.

The class action lawsuit seeks compensation for diminished property values, establishment of a medical monitoring fund, money to pay for installation and operation of air filtration systems, and punitive damages. Persons who think they may qualify as a member of the class may call toll free 1-800-590-1289 to speak to an attorney, or may find information on the web at www.McCookField-lawsuit.com

The three law firms partnering in the class action bring exceptional experience, expertise and resources to the case. German Rubinstein, LLP, has significant experience in environmental toxic torts and groundwater contamination matters. Janet, Jenner & Suggs and Leeseberg & Valentine are nationally known for expertise in dealing with mass torts.


Census data shows the area includes an estimated 2,100 residents living in 1,100 homes and apartments. Former and current residents and property owners, and any persons who spent significant time in the area, such as employees of local businesses or schools, may have been exposed to harmful levels of chemicals and are included in the class.

At issue is a cloud, or plume, of poisonous gas that is rising from contaminated ground water in the area. The USEPA has pinpointed the source of the contamination as the thermal plant, when it was owned and operated by Chrysler Corp. Groundwater contamination in the area started in at least 1998, according to the EPA.

Chrysler has assumed responsibility for tracking and cleaning up the contamination. However, it is disputing EPA claims that the plume has spread significantly since 2002 and is now putting a greater number of people and properties at risk.

The Behr plume contains high levels of trichloroethylene or TCE, a highly toxic gas linked to cancer. The EPA considers a safe level of TCE for humans to be 0.4 parts per billion. Yet, indoor air concentrations in the community have been detected as high as 260 ppb. Air abatement systems have been installed in at least 185 properties in the area so far. The Ohio Department of Health has found rates of cancer from 1 ½ to nearly nine times the average in residents who live in near the plant.

USEPA released a report Aug. 1, warning that TCE levels in some homes in the area had reached levels “that may pose a long-term health threat.” The report said the Behr VOC plume is expected to continue to pose a public health hazard until the ground water is cleaned up. It said indoor air filtration systems proposed for impacted homes are only a temporary solution. One elementary school in the affected area has already been closed.

Chrysler owned and operated the plant from 1937 to 2002, first as Chrysler Corporation and then as the merged company, DaimlerChrysler. The facility, which manufactures vehicle air conditioners and cooling systems, was sold to Behr America in 2002.

Web Site: http://www.McCookField-lawsuit.com

Contact Details: 6700 Manchaca
Austin, TX 78745

Progressive Rock Band Influenced by Gandhi Releases Songs Addressing World Issues

Released on: August 25, 2008, 4:34 am

Press Release Author: Truth On Earth

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Using the power of song and the universal language of music, this unique band helps raise awareness and money for worthy charities fighting world problems. By combining entertainment with philanthropy, they provide a benefit to both those in need and those who contribute.

Press Release Body: Truth on Earth Band

Contact: Anita Moore (available for interviews on world problems, charitable causes and independent music production)
Reveal Entertainment

Progressive Rock Band Influenced by Gandhi Releases Songs Addressing World Issues
Profits Go to Groups Providing Solutions

Sugar Grove, IL: Truth On Earth, a socially conscious, progressive teen rock band for the ages, recently announced the release of new original music to further their fight of world problems. Using the power of song and the universal language of music, this unique band helps raise awareness and money for worthy charities fighting world problems. By combining entertainment with philanthropy, they provide a benefit to both those in need and those who contribute.

The band name, lyrical messages and powerful world-changing mission are based upon the work of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of all time and the basis of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Civil Rights movement. Gandhi said that Peace could best be achieved through truth and non-violent protest and he proved it for a time by causing the end of a century of British rule over India. One small man had a giant influence. So the band is named in Gandhi’s honor to carry on his work and ideals through the universal language of music to a struggling planet.

The band’s main goal is to raise consciousness, through the universal language of music, to a level where, over time, everyone can become part of the solution. The end result and vision is that problems can be fixed and the planet can be left in a condition that is free of destruction and makes it worth inheriting by future generations.

Truth on Earth’s music has been described as refreshing, highly creative, electrifying and a throwback to early 70’s rock. This unique sound blends with progressive songwriting about world issues to appeal to those with the same social conscience.

These young women have committed their lives to fixing the problems of the planet so future generations will have a, “planet worth inheriting.” Their philanthropic spirit combined with their exceptional musical talents results in a contribution of nearly three quarters of their proceeds to worldly charities.

Listeners cannot only enjoy the sound of Truth on Earth but can choose one of many worthwhile causes to donate to, at www.truthonearthband.com.

These young women are devoting their lives to doing whatever they can to bring awareness and solutions to many world problems, in the spirit of Gandhi. They want to be pro-active, on the front lines, connecting people through the universal language of music. “We have all seen devastating pictures of abuse, starvation, homeless, effects of war….., but never have been unified with music in a way, until now, that reaches the listener’s core level, creating feelings that pictures alone can’t and that allows for the proper contribution,” states the band members.

About Truth on Earth:
Truth On Earth is a progressive rock band featuring three teenage sisters that blends the sounds of old and new, heavily influenced by ‘60’s & ‘70’s rock. They write, produce and sing original songs about major issues in the world that require the attention of all. Their mission is, “to unite people across the globe, with music, to take action to create a better world so future generations will have a planet worth inheriting.”

They are available for performance, interviews and charitable appearances and can be contacted through their website, www.truthonearthband.com or email, truth@truthonearthband.com. Their music is currently available for immediate download from their website. Contributions to select, related charities can be made there as well.

Web Site: http://www.truthonearthband.com

Contact Details: truth@truthonearthband.com

The Eccentric Club, once an important institution in the British society, closed down in the mid 1980s, is about to make a daring comeback to the London clubland on 29th of August


Released on: August 22, 2008, 4:40 am

Press Release Author: The Eccentric Club (UK)

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: The Eccentric Club, once an important institution in the British society, closed down in the mid-1980s, is about to make a daring comeback to the London clubland on 29th of August – this time not in Mayfair, but in Bloomsbury.

Press Release Body: “The Eccentric Club in London with its clock running backwards: I wished they would have me as a member, so I could meet all my old friends again…” (Anthony Steyning, the writer)

The Eccentric Club, once an important institution in the British society, which fell victim to a careless gamble with property developers in the mid-1980s and, subsequently, lost its premises in Mayfair and was closed down, is to experience a much-anticipated revival and to make a daring comeback to the London clubland on 29th of August – this time not in Mayfair, but in Bloomsbury, in the premises of Pushkin House, the Russian cultural centre, named after Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s most celebrated and most eccentric 19th century poet. The reason for such a choice of venue was purely incidental and primarily due to the friendliness of the Pushkin House staff and their own excitement about the re-launch of The Eccentric Club by a group of keen enthusiasts and devoted volunteers, members of a few other London clubs, who believe that the Eccentric Club is still missed by many and undeservedly forgotten by the society and the media.

“The Club’s name is a long established and reputable brand, its famous members of the past were those who had shaped the British culture into what it is now, its history is inseparable with that of Britain itself”, say the organisers.

On the 29th of August they intend to re-launch The Eccentric Club (UK) officially, in a traditional eccentric and entertaining style, with the music performances, a witty satirical operatic/jazz cabaret “Kiss & Tell”, speeches by Henry Hemming, the celebrated author of recently published “In Search of the English Eccentric” and Lyndon Yorke (a mechanical follyologist voted ‘Britain’s Most Eccentric Person’ in 2002), and more entertainment in various shapes. Equally entertaining promises to be the socialising with the meticulously selected guests from the artistic, scientific, literary, legal and business circles.

Traditionally believed to have been founded in 1890 by Jack Harrison, a theatrical costumier from Shaftesbury Avenue, the new Eccentric Club may actually become a century older due to the claims of its organisers to have proofs of the Club’s existence in the 1780s. Such a change in the Club’s ‘birth certificate’ most probably will not go unnoticed by the other clubs, but at the moment this does not seem to worry the organisers who believe that the Club has experienced many resurrections and has been founded several times by totally unrelated and socially distinct groups of people over the last two centuries.

The new Club’s website states that it has served “as a meeting point to many great and original minds, pioneers of thought in artistic, literary, theatrical, scientific, legal and political circles, providing an amicable environment for their recreational and creative pastime as well as a testing ground for the novel and controversial theories and approaches to the issues equally important to the British society and the entire mankind.” Considering what’s going on in the world today, many feel that it is high time The Eccentric Club was reborn and some new debates on some old issues to be launched.

You may of course be wondering what is meant by ‘being eccentric’ these days, after all it has been unfortunately misinterpreted over the years. The new founders have redefined its meaning to “British eccentricity is a reluctance to be bound by social, spiritual, scientific, political, esthetical or any other limitations and an everlasting desire to explore every manifestation of life around us for the benefit of gaining personal experience and translating it through various mediums such as art, business, science, social events to the others, to the society and, in particular, other individuals which are seeking new knowledge and experience and are ready to perceive it…”.

The previous Eccentric Club, started in 1890 by Jack Harrison, a theatrical costumier and the father of popular musical comedy actresses Phyllis Monkman, Dorothy Monkman and Beryl Harrison, from its humble beginnings in Shaftesbury Avenue rose to become one of the most influential artistic and business establishments in Britain as well as one of its most generous charities.

During both World Wars, members of the Eccentric entertained the troops on the frontline, raised in total over £100,000 for wounded soldiers, visited them in hospitals and distributed food, tobacco, cigarettes and pipes, built numerous hospitals, hostels and orphanages. On average, since the 1920s the Club was spending over £1,000 a year on various charitable needs.

The new Club organisers pledge to honour the charitable traditions of its predecessors. They believe that today, in the times of common globalisation, it is essentially important to support local, national and European charities which far too often remain undervalued and underfunded whilst the larger international organisations’ needs seem to be more of a priority.

The new Eccentric Club started just over a year ago with an eccentric idea of its restoration and a website appealing to any possible supporters of such an initiative. The response was truly overwhelming and beyond any expectations – emails were coming in literally daily. Although, a share of correspondence was from those doing genealogical research for their own families or some famous former members of the Club, a larger proportion was from those who were actually looking for The Eccentric Club to learn more about it, fascinated with its history and the remarkable input into the British culture. Two London-based TV production companies were immediately interested in shooting documentaries about the new Club’s birth.

Restoration of The Eccentric Club in the 21st century is an amazing challenge and everyone involved feel most excited about the journey ahead of them. The organisers believe they are closer to the original founders of the Club than those who have inherited it and lost it. Starting the Club from the very beginning – finding the patrons, acquiring the right members, raising funds, organising events, establishing own clubhouse – requires a lot of energy and aspiration. But a prospect of running one of the most fascinating clubs in the British history fuels this ambitious beginning.

Finally, the new Club’s organisers see it essentially important to highlight and celebrate the British kind of eccentricity – an innate ability to ignore the well-trotted routes of the others and invent own original ways, find surprisingly fresh approaches to the long decided issues, proudly demonstrating to the rest of the world the great mosaic of possible solutions and points of view. And, as we know from the history, the world has often followed the British eccentrics and acknowledged their genius…

The Eccentric Club restoration was welcomed by many celebrated and distinguished individuals. Amongst those who wished the best of luck to the endeavours of the new Club organisers are HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Lord Bath and Lord Montagu (who was the last Chairman of The Eccentric Club in the 1980s).

FAMOUS MEMBERS OF THE CLUB: Jack Harrison, Sir Charles Wyndham, Viscount Burnham, The Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Montagu, Sir Frederick Wells, Sir James Miller, Sir Herbert Tree, Sir George Alexander, Sir Walter de Frece, H.Montague-Bates, Lionel Brough, John Hollingshead, M. De Paleologue, Henry Ainley, George Robey, Dan Leno, Little Tich, Sir Henry J. Wood, Sir Landon Ronald, Arthur Lloyd, Fred Bishop, Bill Gavin, Dick Upex, Bud Flanagan, Tommy Trinder, Ben Warris, Joe Davis, Jack Trevor, James Moore, and many many others.

Unconfirmed famous members: Julius M. Price, Dudley Hardy, George Graves.

HRH Prince of Wales was the Club’s primary Patron for almost all of its history. In total, 35 Lord Mayors of London were selected as Honorary Life Members of the Club.


We regret but we have no images available to accompany this Press Release. Images of the old Eccentric Club are obtainable from Getty Images (Hulton Archive: http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?contractUrl=2&language=en-US&family=editorial&assetType=image&p=%22eccentric%20club%22&src=standard), images used on www.eccentricclub.co.uk are mostly licensed from www.clipart.com.

Web Site: http://www.eccentricclub.co.uk/club-events.php

Contact Details: For more information, please contact: The Secretary of The Eccentric Club (UK) on 0870-345-0532 or 0786-751-3645

Website: http://www.eccentricclub.co.uk

E-mail: eccentr1c@caenmort.com

All correspondence to be sent to:
The Eccentric Club
27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX

Venue enquiries only:

5A Bloomsbury Square
London WC1A 2TA
T: +44 (0) 20 7269 9770
F: +44 (0) 20 3116 0151

The Main Entrance is located on Bloomsbury Way, across the road from the Swedenborg Society building. The nearest tube stations are Holborn, Tottenham Court Road and Russell Square. There is a secure public car park in Bloomsbury Square.

More info: http://www.pushkinhouse.org.uk/


Tesco report British Shoppers Shun Single-use Carrier Bags


Released on: August 15, 2008, 4:00 am

Press Release Author: Hayley Simpson

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: Tesco has revealed the use of disposable plastic bags has dropped by 2 billion since August 2006

Press Release Body: Tesco, the UK supermarket giant, has announced that the use of disposable plastic bags is in steep decline as shoppers in their thousands switch to permanent shopping bags.

Tesco customers have saved a staggering two billion carrier bags since Green Clubcard Points were launched in August 2006. Carrier bag use by Tesco shoppers in the last month is 40% lower than for the same period two years ago.

Throughout the month of July in 2006, Tesco gave its customers approximately 350 million single-use carrier bags. In July 2008, that had dropped to just 200 million.

Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Corporate and Legal Affairs Director said, “We have helped our customers cut bag use by 40% without a bag tax adding to the cost of their weekly shop. In fact, our Green Clubcard scheme helps people save on their grocery shopping bills.

“Our customers have shown us how keen they are to break this environmentally-damaging habit of a lifetime – the “carrot” approach clearly works.

“It took more than 14 months to save the first billion bags but the second billion was achieved in less than 9 months, showing that the trend is rapidly gaining support.

“Even the most committed greenies occasionally forget to bring their shopping bags with them, so there will always be carrier bags available free of charge. We want to help our customers remember to reuse their bags, rather than punish them when they forget.”

Tesco Green Clubcard Points are awarded to customers for every bag they do not use. Using a large shopping bag could therefore result in a reward of 2 or 3 points.

The supermarket has already sent its 12 million Clubcard customers a new key fob which carries a reminder to bring their bags with them. There will also be ‘reminder banners’ in store car parks..

Tesco has also introduced a range of affordable and attractive reusable bags to make it more appealing for customers to make the switch. Tesco brought in Cath Kidston – one of Britain’s best-loved designers – to extend its range with bags made from recycled plastic bottles. Tesco originally commissioned six bag designs from Cath Kidston but, due to their huge popularity, has now extended that to eight, including a special design for Christmas.

The Tesco Charity of the Year, Marie Curie Cancer Care, receives a 50 pence donation for every bag sold. A new vintage-inspired bag design hits Tesco stores this week.

About Tesco:
Tesco plc, a UK-based international grocery and merchandising retailer, is Britain’s largest supplier and the world’s third largest grocery retailer, by both global sales and domestic market share.

Founded as a food specialist in 1929, Tesco has now expanded into diverse areas such as music downloads, wine, furniture, laptops, telecoms and even dishwashers. The company employs over 250,000 people, operates 1,779 stores across Europe and Asia and serves over 15 million customers.

Web Site: http://www.tesco.com/winestore

Contact Details: Hayley Simpson
Tesco Corporate & Legal Affairs
New Tesco House
Delamare Road
T: 01992 644645

Australian Health Expert Announces Exciting New Approach to Health for Boomers and Seniors

Released on: August 14, 2008, 3:21 am

Press Release Author: Michael Coleman

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Engaging in more sex, natural breathing and other simple strategies could save the 40-plus population millions in health care costs, according to Australian health educator Michael Coleman. His groundbreaking e-book, “Keep Your God Waiting,” promotes a unique approach that anyone can take advantage of with no money, pill popping, strenuous workouts or surgery.

Press Release Body: Melbourne, Australia – – Aug. 14, 2008 – Many countries talk about the feasibility of providing free, universal health care, but Australia-based health educator Michael Coleman has a revolutionary approach for making it happen. And it can work for anyone in any country and at any age.

According to Coleman, more sexual activity and natural breathing are key elements in transforming the health of people over 40. “Preventing the onset of illness by simply doing what comes naturally may provide an effective way to save millions of dollars in health-care costs and cut hospital waiting lists,” Coleman says.

Coleman’s innovative approach is encompassed in an exciting new e-book, “Keep Your God Waiting.” According to the book, anyone—regardless of their age—can have dynamic health, great sex and a super-sharp mind. And the step-by-step techniques revealed in the book are free and easy to use. “There’s nothing to buy, no pills, no endless pounding the pavement, pumping iron or anything like that,” Coleman says.

In his e-book, Coleman shares how simple, no-cost methods can help people:
· Reduce stress
· Build brain-power and improve memory
· Breathe for health and vitality
· Improve their vision
· Boost their immune system
· Achieve their natural weight without dieting

Coleman strongly believes that preventing illness through the use of sex, proper breathing and other natural measures is an effective means for maintaining good health and minimizing health-care costs. However, prevention is not a popular concept with society and modern medicine, he says. ”I know it sounds unbelievable, but people seem to feel more confident and comfortable knowing there’s some sort of ‘cure’ for their illness than about preventing it from occurring in the first place,” he explains. “It’s fair to say society is not particularly interested in prevention. Instead, it’s hooked on treatment – even though it is known that most treatments address symptoms not causes and may lead to the onset of new disease.”

Many people have been conditioned at a subconscious level by health-care marketers, health authorities and their own observations to accept poor health and aging as a normal part of living, Coleman added. “As a consequence, the concept of taking control of one’s health and actually preventing the onset of illness is, for many, very difficult to entertain,” he says.

The disinterest is due, in part, to how prevention has been portrayed, Coleman says. “Prevention has been presented either as gym workouts, jogging and fad diets; as a costly regime of vitamins, hormones, sexual stimulants or; in some instances, as ancient wisdom to which only a fortunate few have access.” Coleman explains. “Faced with those sorts of options, it is hardly surprising people feel little enthusiasm.”

Coleman feels that society and medical practitioners should reject the health paradigm that treatment is king. “In its place, we should invest heavily in promoting prevention, so it is seen as an attractive preferred pathway to vibrant health. Presently, developed countries spend on average just three cents in the health dollar on preventive measures” he says.

At 70 years old, Coleman has a wealth of practical experience on the aging process. He holds a degree in pure mathematics and post-graduate qualifications in education and science. He has a diploma in Health, Nutrition and Fitness, an associate degree in Health Education and is a designated nutritional consultant. He also has certificates in Metaphysics and Reiki and is a designated expert on Over-40s health at selfgrowth.com.

Through years of study and personal research, Coleman has become passionate about the power of the body to restore itself and has authored a number of health-related articles and e-books. He has also published material in “Dare to Dream,” which is produced by Living Now, Australia’s premier holistic magazine. “Keep Your God Waiting” is Coleman’s latest effort to educate people on how they can take control of and transform their health, mind and life.

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What Do Women Want? Ask The Goddess!


Released on: July 17, 2008, 5:26 pm

Press Release Author: Helena

Industry: Education

Press Release Summary: Shama Helena and Rani make their radiant selves available for intensive questioning on an array of topics from the sexual to the sublime.

This is your chance! Everything you always wanted to know but hesitated to ask…..

Press Release Body: All are welcome to this afternoon delight. Come join our delicious repartee. The better part of education is the ability to ask good questions!

Guaranteed to inform and enlighten, including lightening up! Sex with smiles is a lot more fun than the classroom. These sexperts are prepared to meet your curiosities with biological, philosophical and psychological responses to tickle your imagination and reward your experience.

We will cover these topics and more:

• What are secret turn-ons for women?
• How can I get her to come on to me?
• What new techniques can I try out?
• What’s hot and what’s not?

Private Home, Granada Hills
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