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Iranian Diplomats Harass Author Over Book

Released on: January 18, 2010, 5:36 am
Author: Jordan Sage
Industry: Entertainment

Iranian diplomats harass author. Just after author Jordan Sage exposed elements of an anti-Muslim operation that also targeted Muslims on U.S. soil as well as targeting Iranian officials and nuclear facilities, diplomatic staff from the Iranian Embassy have been harassing the author with anti-Semitic emails, faxes, and telephone calls.

Rancho Cucamonga, California 17 Jan 2010—as a team of American control remote viewers was deployed in China to spy on the DPRK’S weapons of mass destruction programs to include the tracking of high-ranking North Korean personnel dealing with the Iranian government, it became clear that both the Iranian President and the North Korean President were being targeted for a possible U.S. – sponsored assassination while Mosques, and Muslim owned businesses and assets were under suspicion too. Operation Caution Dream was a top tier covert operation that was active from 2006-2009. What originally started out as Project Caution Dream which involved a series of double blind tests to screen personnel for C.R.V. skills, became a full blown operation that left an American dead in China. The deceased operative had updated information on a missing former F.B.I. special agent known as Robert Levinson that was last seen alive in Iran on or about March 9th 2007 after leaving the FBI some ten years earlier to work for a private investigation firm.