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LiveShopBuy Launches World’s First Location-Based Marketplace to Help Small Businesses Compete & Grow in this Digital Age

Holmdel, New Jersey, 2017-Aug-09 — /EPR Network/ — Big box stores and online marketplaces like Amazon force more and more small businesses in our neighborhoods to close their doors every day. One company, LiveShopBuy, has created the solution. The founders of this innovative company have designed the world’s first location-based online marketplace exclusively for mom and pop stores and small businesses in our communities.

LiveShopBuy launched their campaign today on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help raise funds to finalize this online marketplace that will help save small businesses from going under throughout the country.


Free And Low Cost Online Tools Website Just Launched For Low Cost Budget Marketers- Hide Find To Free And Low Cost Tools And Business Opportunity

Released on: December 30, 2011, 10:19 am
Author: Prince Samuels
Industry: Small Business

How to get easy to use simple website for people looking for cheaper ways to market their businesses

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince Samuels, the founder of the free and low cost online tools to help those in need of marketing better businesses and the tools it requires to succeed on the worldwide web. There are easy to use tools for both offline and online marketers that save them time and money because the research is already done. After years of looking for these tools, I believe more people will get the help they need for success.


The Latest on the Proposed Yahoo Buyout

Released on: November 02, 2011, 3:28 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

According to recent reports, both Google and Microsoft are currently engaged in a bidding war over just who will buy Yahoo, which could lead to new possibilities for Yahoo and the online community, say QueryClick.

Recently, a number of articles and blogs have revealed that Google and Microsoft, two of the biggest names in the online world, are reportedly exploring the possibility of buying another internet search engine, Yahoo. This news comes following a very dramatic and tumultuous year for Yahoo which saw it experience a number of high profile and negative events, such as the dismissal of Carol Bartz and this rumoured acquisition could not only signal the start of a new era for Yahoo, but also for internet users worldwide.


Info Media Consultancy Helps United Arab Emirates Companies Grow Using the Power of the Internet

Released on: December 02, 2010, 6:42 am
Author: Hani Masgidi
Industry: Internet & Online, Marketing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 2, 2010: A new company called Info Media Consultancy is transforming the way businesses in the United Arab Emirates market themselves, according to Managing Director Hani Masgidi. “After the world financial crisis, businesses need to find new ways to attract and retain customers if they are to remain competitive. The good news is that with proper guidance, this form of marketing is both cost-efficient and highly effective.”

Info Media Consultancy offers a variety of services to their clients. In most cases, Mr. Masgidi recommends that a company start with a customized strategic marketing plan. This plan focuses on optimizing your online presence for both user experience and search engine optimization. “Many companies don’t realize the impact your website has on your bottom line,” says Mr. Masgidi. “Make the necessary changes and you will see an immediate increase in both leads and revenue.” Some of the components of the strategic marketing plan include search engine optimization (SEO), email management, video marketing, user interface analysis and internet advertising.


SEO Services India: SEO Ranking Expert is Flaunting an Altogether New and Enticing Look

Released on: October 28, 2010, 3:08 am
Author: Sanjay Joshi
Industry: Internet & Online

With the advent of the Internet, virtually every business is either on the web or is trying to establish itself in the World Wide Web scenario. In such milieu, SEO services are paving the way for success of online business ventures by directing traffic on to their web portals and taking them to the top ten rankings. More and more businesses are eyeing SEO service India because of its affordability without compromising on quality of services.

One name which stands out from the horde of SEO service providers is SEO Ranking Expert. It is a leading name in this niche industry segment and has amassed an unbeatable repute for result oriented efforts and guaranteed top ten rankings. The SEO services India of SEO Ranking Expert encompasses: – Directory Submission, Article Writing and Submission, Press Release Writing and Distribution, PPC Management, Link Building Services, SMO services and MultiLingual SEO.


Internet Marketing Services Examines Googles Testing

Released on: September 07, 2010, 3:10 am
Author: Sandi Belisle
Industry: Internet & Online

Minneapolis, MN September 7, 2010 – Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website and since Google search is and has been the leader within the internet world for a long time controlling over 75% of the internet traffic and any changes made by google affects all websites which is the foundation of marketing for webmasters, google then becomes a target of interest for any changes they now implement.

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website. The internet is a uncertain and evolving entity with a life of it’s own or so it seems. Many of the strategies used successfully nine or ten years ago have now become either totally out-of-date in usefulness or simply not able to provide the website owner with the tools to successfully compete with other website owners.

Internet marketing services studies and uses all the latest and newest techniques due to successful quality results of the tests that are conducted upon detection of a system or software.


Sluggish Economy, Brave New Markets Continues Growth with Three New Major Clients

Released on: August 04, 2010, 6:15 am
Author: Marc Waldeck / Brave New Markets
Industry: Marketing

BALTIMORE – August 04, 2010 – Brave New Markets (Brave New Markets.com), the only U.S. marketing firm with a fanatical focus on results, announced today the addition of three new clients and the launch of their Internet marketing results programs, in spite of the slow economic environment. An unmatched reputation for innovation and achieving tangible marketing results were the primary factors motivating the selection of Brave New Markets by the three new clients.

ezStorage Corporation is the largest self-storage company serving Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. With more than 41,000 units, they are also one of the largest self-storage companies in the U.S. Their new Internet marketing program includes a website (http://ezstorage.com/) with interactive location and availability search and online reservations and payments. Traffic to the website is supplied by comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing and online advertising program. A recently completed summer storage promotion, which targeted college students, integrated social media (Facebook, Twitter) and text messaging with the website. The three month promotion increased student rentals more than 100%.


HubShout Promotes Transparency and Accountability in New SEO Reseller Program

Released on: July 07, 2010, 5:45 am
Author: HubShout, LLC
Industry: Internet & Online

HubShout, LLC (“HubShout”) is a national search engine marketing (“SEM”) firm that specializes in search engine optimization (“SEO”) and pay-per-click (“PPC”) management. In 2009, after several successful years of direct client SEO and PPC management, HubShout opened up an SEO reseller program to a select number of web design companies and agencies. This initial launch was actually a pilot program designed to test the applicability of HubShout’s proprietary SEM technology platform to SEO outsourcing. HubShout expanded its SEO reseller programs in 2010 based on early success and positive feedback f r o m pilot program participants.

HubShout’s co-founders, who both have backgrounds in Fortune 100 companies, agreed f r o m Day One that existing SEO reseller programs lacked both transparency and accountability. It seemed logical to them that web design companies and agencies would want to outsource their SEO; however, the state of the SEO reseller industry at that time-particularly the industry’s dominance by off-shore entities-was rife with problems and questionable practices. Many SEO resellers preferred to work under a shroud of mystery and promoted fear of inappropriate SEO tactics as a deal-closing strategy on a regular basis. HubShout views this activity as nothing short of irresponsible business practice and has made transparency in SEO outsourcing a primary focus of its SEO reseller program.


PLR Internet Marketing Introduces a Comprehensive Resource for Creating an Income Online

Released on: March 08, 2010, 4:51 am
Author: Warren Wooden
Industry: Internet & Online

PLR Internet Marketing is one of the only companies to offer an all-inclusive website when it comes to creating an online income through internet marketing. Solving the many problems that people tend to face when creating an online business, PLR Internet Marketing provides the tools necessary for success.

Are you thinking about making the transition to internet marketing either as a supplementary or as your sole source of income? Or have you tried various internet or home based business opportunities in the past without much success? Knowing just how frustrating getting an online business off the ground can be, PLR Internet Marketing has developed one of the most comprehensive resource guides when it comes to creating a successful online company.


Press Release Submission Website List Released To Help All Webmasters Get Traffic For Free

Released on: January 15, 2010, 6:04 am
Author: Internet Marketing Services
Industry: Marketing

MINNEAPOLIS, JAN. 15, 2010 – – Press Release Submissions is a great way to get free website traffic for websites. Until now, lists have consisted of non-working websites, websites which actually sell something but don’t offer submissions mixed in with a few quality websites. Internet Marketing Services has researched thoroughly the marketplace and has created a quality list for all people to use for free to help anyone who has news of any kind to announce to the public.

The goal of Internet Marketing Services is to enable everyone who has a website and is willing to work at it, make their website important and popular for free or with little costs in doing so.

This Press Release Submission Website List was created by viewing each and every website placed on this list which totals now over 380 each. Also, to help Webmasters choose which websites to submit their press releases to within their budgets, a list of costs charged by some websites is listed along with the Google and Alexa rankings to help in their selections along with the many, many free submission websites. In addition, Internet Marketing Services has successfully used press releases and offers the list of the websites they used to do so. Since that time, there have been many more websites discovered plus added on the internet and they are also part of this researched