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Armadillo Business Information celebrates 20 years on the Web

Hertfordshire, UK, 2017-Jun-09 — /EPR Network/ — Armadillo, the world’s first web based company information database, celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 3rd.

In 1995, based near Old Street roundabout in London, Emmanuel Cohen, Armadillo’s chairman started on the road to launch an online company data system.

Having been shown the web in April 95 by a research scientist after Tim Berners-Lee uploaded the web structure in CERN, on a subsequent visit to the bookshop, Barnes and Noble he was shown all the books on this new area.


New ASAP Ventures Sites Offer News and Advice on Portuguese, Personal Finance and Repossessed Houses

Released on: February 01, 2011, 5:05 am
Author: Helen Young
Industry: Internet & Online

Online experts announce introduction of PersonalFinance.org.uk, Portuguese-Translation.co.uk and RepossessedProperty.org.uk

01 February 2011 – Home finances, translation into Portuguese language and information on repossessed properties are on show in the latest round of websites introduced by leading web stable ASAP Ventures Ltd. The company has announced the introduction of PersonalFinance.org.uk, Portuguese-Translation.co.uk and RepossessedProperty.org.uk to give UK consumers more information than ever.

Purchasing a house from the repossessions market is a complicated project and ASAP Ventures is now helping people to read up on repossessed property and how to buy one thanks to new site RepossessedProperty.org.uk. All the latest news and detail on buying a repossession house is on hand on the new site.


Early Autumn Spanish Holidays Are More Affordable From Fly.co.uk and Their Cheap Flights

Released on: September 21, 2010, 7:25 am
Author: Andy Stevens
Industry: Travel

Travellers wanting to soak up some late summer sun in Spain can check the best deals from the leading air fare comparator

21 September 2010 – A whole range of fantastic deals are available from the leading air fare comparison website Fly.co.uk. Those wishing to fly to Spain to soak up the last of the summer sun can find the best deals available from top airlines on one website. It shows the most popular Spanish locations and the best prices available.

Popular locations for early autumn breaks include the region of Spain called Murcia. The southeastern coast of Spain draws many visitors due to its interesting villages and town as well as being very close to the famous golden beaches. Flights to Murcia at bargain prices can be found on the Fly.co.uk website.


Recycle.co.uk Helps People Get Cash for Old Mobile Phones

Released on: May 18, 2010, 11:08 am
Author: Recycle.co.uk
Industry: Consumer Services

18 May 2010 – As more and more mobile phone users look to upgrade their handsets for smarter models on a regular basis, dedicated recycling website Recycle.co.uk is helping people to exchange their unwanted handsets for money. The site allows consumers to compare exchange prices for phones online before swapping them for money.

The website operates as a forum which allows people to advertise unwanted items for free, so owners of unwanted mobile phones can use the free recycle comparison scheme to swap their old handsets for money rather than leaving them sat in a drawer or a cupboard.


Re-launched Recycle.co.uk Helps Consumers Put Surplus Items to Good Use

Released on: May 13, 2010, 5:22 am
Author: Recycle.co.uk
Industry: Consumer Services

Specialist recycling site announces enhanced offering helping consumers make money on old mobiles and put unwanted items to better use than landfill

13 May 2010 – Specialist consumer goods recycling portal Recycle.co.uk has this week announced a re-launch of its offering to give consumers an improved goods recycling service. The website lets people promote their unwanted consumer items to other people who might have a use for them and also helps people to make money from outdated mobile phones instead of throwing them away.

The site carries all manner of consumer products which people can recycle, from electronic items to electrical white goods and computer kit. People who have goods that they no longer need can quickly and easily find people who actually need that item and therefore put it to better use than throwing it away. Recycle.co.uk operates with an environmental mission to help reduce landfill usage in the UK.

People can advertise their items for recycling for free on the website, and the recently re-launched site now offers users better services than ever. Every advertiser can now list their own unique contact ‘phone number on the site and users are able to sign up for email alerts when an item they have requested is published for exchange on the site.


Bangkok Political Crisis Continues to Have Negative Impact on Thailand Tourism

Released on: April 28, 2010, 6:55
Author: 1StopThailand.com
Industry: Travel

Hotels emptying and travel services seeing steep drop in business as Thai capital remains dangerous for foreign tourists

28 April 2010 – The continuing clashes between government and demonstrators in the Thai capital of Bangkok and ongoing political instability have had a hugely negative effect on the country’s tourist industry, reports leading Thailand travel website 1StopThailand.com.

While the protests have been limited to specific parts of Bangkok and have not directly affected visitors to the majority of the country’s popular tourist destinations, the ongoing instability is still putting people off visiting Thailand. Since the beginning of April when the protests changed from being peaceful demonstrations to more violent clashes, there has been a steep decline in visitors to Bangkok and users of travel services.