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PAUL F ROBERTSON Co., Small Business Services, including Robertsons Photography Service

Released on: August 17, 2009, 1:21 am
Author: Paul Francis Robertson/ PAUL F ROBERTSON Co.
Industry: Small Business

Texas City, TX, August 17, 2009: The 2008-2009 Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs recognizes Paul Francis Robertson, as an online entrepreneur and a small business owner, including Robertsons Photography Service: http://photography-8875.webs.com

Paul Francis Robertson was born in Galveston, TX, on August 23, 1953. He received a four year Moody Foundation Scholarship, while preparing for college at Texas City High School, from September 1967 – May 1971, in his hometown of Texas City, TX. He entered his freshman year of college at the University of Houston, Main Campus. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Technology, while attending the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Southern University, in Houston, TX, from September 1972 – May 1975.


Bizwiki.com Launch Delivers Wiki-power to Small Businesses

Released on: July 31, 2009, 5:32 am
Author: Bizwiki.com
Industry: Internet & Online

(July 31, 2009) – A new website called Bizwiki.com has launched across the USA today, promising to change the way local search works by enabling its users to build up the most detailed and up-to-date index of business in the United States.

In a break with traditional Yellow Pages websites, Bizwiki invites business owners and representatives to get involved in adding and improving their records with everything from contact details to prices and opening hours, completely free of charge.

“We put up an early Alpha-version of Bizwiki.com to test it on the web in December 2008, and already traffic levels have grown to several hundred thousand users per month!,” said Bizwiki co-founder Matt Aird. “There is definitely a strong demand for the sort of information a Web 2.0 business site can deliver, and the increasing amount of users on the site provides a compelling motivation for businesses to get involved in adding and editing their listings.”

“Today’s launch is officially a fully-functional beta, but we already have several hundred thousand pages on the site, with more being added each day. We’ve tried to take ideas and concepts from some of the most successful user-created websites in the world, such as Wikipedia and the Open Directory Project, and improve them to where the ‘anyone can edit’ principles of a wiki can be used in a business-environment. The biggest single difference is probably that our site is built in a consistently structured format, allowing us to rapidly scale-up the amount of information and also give our users an easy way to search the site.”


Toronto- MyCityToronto.com Business Directory


Released on: May 26, 2009, 6:37 am
Author: Aliyah Lennox
Industry: Internet & Online

Finding businesses in Toronto and the GTA has never been easier. Using a PDA handheld device, mobile phone or computer one can quickly and easily find businesses close to where they are on MyCityToronto.com, an online Toronto business directory.

This Toronto business directory is organized such that visitors can easily find what they are looking for as well as the directions to the business premises should they want to visit. Some of the businesses represented on the directory include restaurants, home furnishings, home exterior and interiors, automotive services, electronics, women’s and men’s fashion and many more.

The directory has many other features that the visitor can plug into. The social networking site includes articles, blogs, videos and arcade games. This allows potential customers to socialize and interact with other consumers to swap ideas as well as experiences on MyCityToronto.

In addition to the entertainment that can so easily be enjoyed on one’s mobile phone or PDA device, visitors can also find directions to various places or businesses registered on MyCityToronto. All one has to do is find the business they want to visit and click on the map button. The directions and map to the business establishment will be quickly downloaded.

Tourists and other visitors traveling through the GTA can use MyCityToronto to find places to eat or stay the night as well. The Toronto entertainment scene and night life is full of places one can enjoy. Using their mobile phone or PDA handheld device, anyone can easily log on to MyCityToronto and find a fun spot to have a good time.

The best thing about using MyCityToronto is that there are only 24 main categories to choose from. This makes it easier to quickly find what one is looking for. In addition, each category only has 16 businesses to choose from. Once again this makes the process of choosing an establishment to visit much simpler and with the touch of a button the directions and map are easily accessible too.

SMART technology makes the pages very light and quick to download. Visitors can view the different commercials featured on the Toronto business directory prior to choosing to work with or visit any business listed on the directory. Advertising banners are showcased on a rotating basis and clicking on them will quickly lead the visitor to the establishment’s website where he or she can quickly review the services offered.

Each business represented on MyCityToronto has a premium digital storefront that provides information on the company, what they do and how they can be of service to potential customers. When it comes to making a choice of which business to go with, these come in handy. The articles and blogs provided give even more information on services provided and allow the consumers to make informed purchases at all times. If you need to find anything in Toronto, you will find it on MyCityToronto.com.

Contact Details: Aliyah Lennox
557 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario

Los Angeles Acquires a Valuable Business Resource


Released on: May 11, 2009, 3:53 am
Author: Cali Find It – Laura Cosse’
Industry: Internet & Online

Cali Find It has just launched a new site that aims to be a valuable resource to the local businesses and communities of California. The site offers a comprehensive local business directory that utilizes S.M.A.R.T. technology to simplify searches while accommodating cellular phones and PDAs with touch screen technology.

Los Angeles, CA 8 May, 2009- Cali Find It has launched a dynamic website that serves as a comprehensive local business directory, social networking platform and guide to local events and attractions in Los Angeles County. The site, www.CaliFindIt.com, offers advertisers a unique and cost effective solution to their marketing needs.

Business owners who become advertising partners are given a plethora of valuable business tools as well as exclusive positioning within the directory. The business directory showcases only sixteen businesses within any given category, offering these businesses increased exposure. A talented graphics team beautifully designs the ads and businesses have the option of uploading coupons and linking directly to their own website if they have one. Cali Find It offers various advertising co-ops that allows small business owners to compete with big budget businesses in radio, TV and newspaper campaigns.

There are also numerous business tools offered to advertisers including promotional giveaways, a free customizable website for businesses who do not have any online presence, and many more tools that offer advertisers an immediate return on investment. Additionally, Cali Find It can produce video commercials for members and distribute those commercials throughout the Internet. Cali Find It is also creating a customizable CRM system for members as well as a sales training platform; both systems are scheduled to be released in December 2009.

About Cali Find It:
Cali Find It is part of a larger network of over 200 sites worldwide and is a sister site towww.MyCityToronto.com.

For More Information Please Contact:
Laura Cosse’
Marketing and Event Manager
(800) 516-4980

IamDelhi.com – Connecting 150+ Colonies of Delhi

Released on: October 16, 2008, 5:10 am

Press Release Author: Rajiv

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: IamDelhi.com is an Online Commercial and Industrial Yellow Pages Delhi, Trade Forum and Trade Blog for Delhites. It threads into 150+ Delhi Colonies online through its website where people living in these colonies will be offered a platform to showcase their product and services through Yellow Pages, Blogs, Forums and as well as share their views, ideas, issues and grievances etc.

Press Release Body: IamDelhi.com is an Online Commercial and Industrial Yellow Pages Delhi, Trade Forum and Trade Blog for Delhites. It is a brain child of Rajiv Kumar Chughan entrepreneur, who was born and brought up in Delhi and founder ofEconomicalhost.com offering Web Hosting India services. As per him it is his dream project and firmly believes that it is going to succeed for the reason that Delhites will be able to identify themselves with this interactive website where they can share their issues, grievances or needs etc. It will be surely a great vent for many to voice their frustrations, issues, expectations and desires for a better society and living.

IamDelhi.com threads into 150+ Delhi Colonies online through its website where people living in these colonies will be offered a platform to showcase their product and services through Yellow Pages, Blogs, Forums and as well as share their views, ideas, issues and grievances etc. Few of the names are AmarColony.in, Badli.in, AnandLok.in, Bahadurgarh.in, AshokVihar.in, BengaliMarket.in, BhikajiCamaPlace.in, CRPark.in,ChanakyaPuri.in, ChiragDelhi.in, bhikajicamaplace.com and in total more than 150 colonies, Market Place, Industrial areas and commercial places.

To make it more viable IamDelhi.com will also be offering free email ids also in the name of every colony like if one is living or doing business in Greaterkailash then he can have email id as yourname@greaterkailash.in plus as per the information gathered they are trying to connect all the major colleges of Delhi University by offering such email id as per their college like for example name@hansrajcollege.com, name@zakirhusaincollege.com etc.

Also in the offering are more than 50 Yellow Pages belonging to different places in India as per their location or as per the business category through IamDelhi.com and the plan is offer similar kind of services there too. Few of the names are yellowpagesgujarat.com,chemicalsinindia.com, yellowpagesnoida.com, yellowpagesgurgaon.in,yellowpagesghaziabad.com, okhla.in etc.

The team at IamDelhi.com is working hard to bring this concept into shape with a belief that it has good prospects for growth. Hopefully Delhi will soon have a place where anyone can voice his issues and reach the top brasses of the country.

Web Site: http://IamDelhi.com

Contact Details: IamDelhi.com
R-134 Greater Kailash-I
New Delhi 110048
Ph : 91-11-26440977
Fax : 91-11-45615423
Email : pr@iamdelhi.com

SavorWisconsin.com Adds Powerful New Search for Finding Locally Grown Foods and Farmers Markets


Released on: June 20, 2008, 12:54 pm

Press Release Author: Abby Bachhuber

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: SavorWisconsin.com has launched a new, streamlined site that allows users to search by city, zip code and even radius for Wisconsin foods. SavorWisconsin.com features the most complete online directory of Wisconsin’s food producers, farmers markets, and local food events.

Press Release Body: Just in time for the harvest season, SavorWisconsin.com has launched a new, streamlined site that allows users to search by city, zip code and even radius for Wisconsin foods. SavorWisconsin.com features the most complete online directory of Wisconsin’s food producers, farmers markets, and local food events. Whether you are looking for strawberries, spinach, cheeses, meats, or honey, SavorWisconsin.com will have a bountiful array to select from.

SavorWisconsin.com is a valuable tool for both Wisconsin producers and consumers. Producers can market their products for free, and consumers can satisfy their local food needs in this one-stop-shop,” said Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Rod Nilsestuen. Designed to respond to rising consumer demand for local foods, consumers can search for a variety of Wisconsin foods in a wide range of areas across the state. The website features over 1,000 Wisconsin products, over 200 farmers markets, and a host of special events.

SavorWisconsin.com is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, University of Wisconsin – Extension, and the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association. To use this resource or add your business to the listings, please visit http://www.savorwisconsin.com. Additional inquiries can be sent to info@savorwisconsin.com.

Web Site: http://www.savorwisconsin.com

Contact Details: Abby Bachhuber
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
2811 Agricultural Drive
Madison, WI 53708-8911
Phone: (608) 224-5134
Fax: (608) 224-5111