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Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2018-Jan-15 — /EPR Network/ — When you need to recharge yourself and your 12V system, look no further than an Adventure Kings Solar charging system.

We have pioneered a range that starts from a simple 10W USB solar charger to a fully fledged 250W output array with MPPT Regulation for absolute maximum output to give you the options to power your setup no matter what you take camping with you.

All Adventure Kings Solar panels use Monocrystalline silicone cell construction which is the most efficient panel design available remaining lightweight and compact whilst still outputting effective power for use at home or in the bush.


M. Davis & Sons Acquires Val-Tech Inc.


Wilmington, DE, 2017-Oct-17 — /EPR Network/ — M. Davis & Sons, Inc. announces the recent acquisition of Valtech, Inc., a manufacturer of VTi Power Distribution Equipment. M. Davis will continue the manufacturing and sale of this equipment under the new brand name “VTi by M. Davis”.

The types of power distribution equipment that will be manufactured at the Newark, Delaware facility located at 24 McMillan Way are Portable Power Distribution Equipment (PPDC), Fused Distribution Panel (FDP) and Unitized Distribution Substation (UDS). The UDS equipment is the main product that is currently produced.


Legislation Currently Being Debated in the 2017 Virginia Assembly Seeks to Correct Federal Injustice and Save Virginia Jobs

Richmond, Virginia, 2017-Jan-19 — /EPR Network/ — Two Bills introduced into the Virginia General assembly last week raise the hopes of many. Hundreds of Virginians will lose their jobs over the coming months due to inaction on the federal level.

Virginia HB 1891 and SB 1392 seek to remedy the situation.

For years geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and wind turbines were treated as a triad and equally endorsed and supported by the government’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. When the Tax Credit was extended in late 2015 for solar and wind it left out Geothermal. Nancy Pelosi and other leaders immediately stated it was a drafting error that would be corrected ASAP. That never happened and we are left wondering, why?


Leading International Entrepreneur moves into Royal Circles

Toronto, Canada, 2016-Nov-19 — /EPR Network/ — In January of 2016, and in Amman, Jordan, Edward Bayanoti, an international businessman with interests in Property, Real Estate and Defence married Her Royal Highness Princess Aisha bint Hussein, sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan and daughter of Princess Muna al-Hussein and King Hussein. The couple had been married in Canada since December 2015.


The Rose receives 2016 Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Award from the Urban Land Institute

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2016-Nov-04 — /EPR Network/ — PLACE is pleased to announce that The Rose and three sister developments at Portland and Franklin Avenues (South Quarter) in Minneapolis were selected by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Terwilliger Center for Housing as the winner of the 2016 Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Award. This annual award honors developments that ensure housing affordability for people with a range of incomes. Representing the completion of South Quarter, The Rose offers 43 market rate apartments and 47 income-restricted affordable apartments in profoundly sustainable buildings that have neither furnaces nor conventional air conditioning equipment.


Bmark Energy Announces California Direct Access (DA) Program is Poised to Expand in PG&E, SCE and SDG&E

Released on: June 02, 2015, 8:56 am (EDT)
Author: Robert Kramb
Industry: Energy, Industrial, Government

  • California’s Direct Access (DA) Program is Poised to Expand in PG&E, SCE and SDG&E
  • Many Commercial & Industrial DA Companies Currently Save 10-25%

Pismo Beach, CA, June 02, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — On April 21, 2015, California Senate Bill SB286 passed a Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee (11-0) and indicates the legislature’s desire to support both individual choice (increase the DA CAP) and renewable energy.

This is Great News – and is Electricity Deregulation in Action

Many companies currently participating in the DA program appreciate substantial savings between 10-25% on their generation costs over fully-bundled utility rates, which is why the DA program is so popular and in high demand.

Going forward, we expect the bill to be amended to either phase in the CAP increases or impose some alternative type of participation CAP, and include a renewable energy purchase obligation for new participants.

The Committee Chairman supports the bill and would like to see the bill amended to increase the CAP by 8,000 GWh and would also like to see any new participants be taken from the utility wait list.


Proposition 39 Funding and RedBird LED Shed Light on College District

Released on: August 08, 2014, 4:41 am (EDT)
Author: Steve Sheinbaum – RedBird LED 
Industry: Energy

Saving Over $2 Million on LED Lighting retrofit project

Atlanta GA, August 08, 2014 — /EPR NETWORK/ — The Board of Directors of Rancho Santiago Community College District unanimously approved the use of Redbird LED for their interior LED lighting retrofit project with the use of Prop 39 funding. The conversion to LED lighting will save the district over $2,000,000 throughout the life of the product. In addition, Southern California Edison (SCE) will provide the district over $300,000 in rebates. The project was completed on August 1, 2014.


Energy Bulbs Proud To Introduce GU10 Range For Bright Lighting

Released on: October 18, 2013, 9:27 am
Author: Energy Bulbs 
Industry: Energy

October 18, 2013, 9:27 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — Energy Bulbs takes a pride in being able to supply bulbs to all different sectors of the market and the GU10 range has been a very important range over the years. The original GU range, which appeared some years ago when ceiling lights became a fashion in Kitchens and Bathrooms throughout the newer houses and apartment blocks of the British housing market. The original bulbs were standard 60 watt bulbs, which gave a much better lighting system to areas where a good light source increased the workload and the quality of work. Businesses and production units followed and the GU10 lamp became a highly used unit. They are however fairly costly to run in this form and the bulb life is relatively short which means extra maintenance and also these bulbs can often blow a fuse when they short out which puts the area into total darkness.


Arlen Van Draanen announces AEA Biofuels Development Center

Released on: August 15, 2013, 10:10 am
Author: Arlen Van Draanen 
Industry: Energy

August 15, 2013, 10:10 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — Arlen Van Draanen announced today that Alternative Energy Advisors now offers a full range of biofuels development services at its Biofuels Development Center near Atlanta Georgia. Van Draanen, co-founder of AEA, said “We are pleased to offer our clients a rapid and efficient means to evaluate a full range of process variables without the need to invest substantial capital.” Van Draanen continued “To date, our contracted facility has been successfully deployed to evaluate alternative feedstock strategies and optimize process conditions in the development of cellulosic ethanol technology. In addition, the facility has the capability to offer a wide range of additional biofuels technical support including advanced separation and purification techniques.”


Renewable Home Educates and Connects

Released on: June 10, 2013, 6:12 am
Author: Dot Studio 
Industry: EnergyEducation

January 01, 2013, 2:41 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — Renewable energy – if you haven’t noticed, it’s the buzz around the world. We are using an alarming amount of fossil fuels every day; fossil fuels that won’t last forever. Some experts say we will be known as the generation that destroys the earth unless we change our energy behavior now.