Help More Addicts With Your Drug Treatments Through Smart Internet Marketing

Released on: July 26, 2010, 2:48 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman
Industry: Healthcare

Treating an addict is only half the battle. First, you must educate the addict about your programs, let him know that your alcohol and drug treatment center will be the one to help him finally get clean and stay that way. Smart Internet marketing does just that. It helps your alcohol and drug treatments stand out among the many available options, and it allows your center to connect with more addicts in need. provides Internet marketing specifically for the alcohol and drug treatment industry. A listing in its comprehensive directory reaches more than 125,000 unique visitors monthly and improves the search engine result rankings of an alcohol and drug treatment center’s own website.

July 2010 – The alcohol and drug treatment center industry is a crowded one. In any given area, an addict has hundreds – if not thousands – of alcohol and drug treatments from which to choose. In most cases, the addict and/or his loved ones begin the search online, which makes Internet marketing a vital piece of an alcohol and drug treatment center’s advertising strategy. delivers a simple Internet marketing solution – created specifically for centers that provide alcohol and drug treatments and/or addiction intervention – that delivers important information about the center while boosting the search engine result rankings for the center’s website.


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