Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentists Signs Exclusive Agreement with da Vinci Studios

Released on: May 31, 2010, 08:05 am
Author: Heather Nottingham/ Nottingham Consulting Group, LLC
Industry: Healthcare

Smile South Florida’s top cosmetic dentist in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, Dr. Charles Nottingham, has maintained a close relationship with the owner of da Vinci Studios, Daniel Materdomini. Dr. Nottingham and Daniel speak regularly about maintaining the best cosmetic dental practices with da Vinci veneers. In fact, the Daniel sent his own mother to Dr. Nottingham for a full cosmetic reconstruction – and were very pleased with the results.

In a letter to fort lauderdale dentist Dr. Nottingham, the owner of da Vinci Studios wrote: “… your preparations and impressions exceeded perfection. I had an opportunity to use many dentists in the area…but I chose you because of your experience, knowledge and the dedication you have with your patients. My Mom was thrilled with her new smile…If the ‘Extreme Makeover’ show was filmed in Florida, I am sure you would be the providing dentist.”


Villa Seaview Super Save Stay 3 Pay 2 Only At The Sea House Beach Resort Krabi

Released on: May 31, 2010, 08:10 am
Author: The Sea House Beach Resort
Industry: Travel

The Sea House Beach Resort is tranquility place situated in Had Yao “Long Beach”, Krabi Province perfectly for people who seeking forward to rejuvenate or refreshment themselves or getting away from busy town. About 30-minutes drive from Krabi International Airport to the Resort, this provides an excellent getaway break for those who seek ultimate relaxation in tranquility and great location to relax.

We offer only 9 villas, 1 of which are Beachfront Private Pool Villa and 1 Beachfront Villa with its own unique layout designed for guests with varying tastes you can use time very short walk to the beach.The rests are mainly Villas, Deluxe Villas. Situated in the beach which ideally for the discerning guest who values privacy and seclusion, the Sea House Beach Resort offers a variety of villa all set in Mediterranean decor and style with private secluded and yet unspoiled beachfront at Had Yao.The unit is perfect for a small family (3-4) or a couple looking for a romantic get-a-way.


With The Election Out Of The Way…

Released on: May 31, 2010, 07:01 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Food & Beverage

London, 31 May, 2010: Now that the UK general election has been and gone, it’s time to think of something other than politics. Yet politics have always gone hand-in-hand with a few porky pies, so it’s perhaps apt to turn our focus to more gastronomic issues.

Traditional British Pork Pies are one of life’s simple pleasures, and Forman & Field provide the solution for those looking for some of the highest quality local produce. Widely regarded as the country’s leading supplier of fine food by mail order and online, Forman & Field stocks Traditional Pork Pies f r o m Norfolk made by Silent Partners f r o m gloriously tasty pure breed Old Spot Rare Breed porkers. These handmade traditional pies are perfect for a cold lunch or starter. Another choice recommendation for fans of good ol’ fashioned porky pies is Mrs King’s Pork Pies: genuine, thoroughbred Melton Mowbray pork pies.

Speaking of simply delicious pies, pie addicts are sure to go pie-eyed over Forman & Field’s range of Simple Simon’s Pies. Made with the freshest, natural ingredients on shredded potato encased in flavoursome pastry by chef Bernard Alessi, these pies come in a wide variety of new and exciting flavour combinations. The value-for-money Best Sellers Selection Pack contains 1 x Organic Beef & Mushroom, 1 x Chicken and Tarragon, 1 x Smoked & Fresh Haddock with Creamy Leeks.

Forman & Field, launched in 2002, is considered by top food writers as the country’s leading supplier of fine food by mail order and online. The company is regarded to be a pioneer in quality seasonal British Foods, including such delicacies as three-bird roast, fine ham, cheese and desserts, such as culinary masterpieces f r o m  Nadell’s chocolate cake selection.


Insure Your Company’s Positive Reputation with Internet Reputation Management

Released on: May 31, 2010, 08:00 am
Author: Harrison Fielding
Industry: Internet & Online

Business leaders hear a great deal these days about reputation management online. When a business runs into a public relations problem, it hires a firm such as Internet Reputation Management to limit the damage online and regain control of search engine results for its name and relevant keywords. But what about a business without a negative reputation online? Or one without much of a reputation online, at all? It too can benefit from Internet Reputation Management’s expertise, by having the firm sculpt search engine results in its favor and dominate important first pages. Not only does this strategy help to build a positive reputation for the business online, but it can lessen the impact of future negative information.

May 2010 – More and more businesses are making a preemptive strike when it comes to reputation management online. With the help of Internet Reputation Management, they are taking control of their reputation online with a powerful, preventative strategy that accentuates the positive and prepares for the negative. The California-based firm creates a customized plan for each client, a plan that includes a 90-day, money-back guarantee.


Pharmacy College Teacher And Students Write On A Common Blog To Share Quickly Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Developments , Stays Connected With Each Other Through Their Blog

Released on: May 31, 2010, 06:45 am
Author: Ms suvarna, Empower PR
Industry: Healthcare

California: Dr.Martin a former teacher in pharmacy college and now a director in a worlds biggest pharmaceutical company, was favorite amongst his students and colleagues for his innovative ideas on research and development teaching subjects on pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

One day he and his students on their last day in the college after completing the examinations in course in pharmacy , decided to stay in touch with each other ,and share technical knowledge regularly with each other , they in this process started writing on a common blog on the subjects on their own profession of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

This blog is now updated by then students and now top pharmaceutical industry professionals they never knew that this platform will soon become a favorite world wide amongst worlds pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

In pharmaceutical industry technology is moving so fast and to keep one self updated day today is a difficult task unless one join a group of a pharmaceutical association or a forums , where one is required to attend meetings and seminars there & one can discuss the latest happening in pharmaceutical industry.


Easy Saver Cancellation Is As Simple As Redeeming Easy Rewards For The Great Benefits

Released on: May 31, 2010, 07:50 am
Author: Tabitha Gray
Industry: Consumer Services

For anyone on the fence about joining an easy saver program, there is no need for hesitation, the savings are great and if you’re not happy with the program even the easy saver cancellation is a simple process. The fact is that being forced to focus on ways to save money has made us savvier when it comes to making purchases, and that includes joining a program designed to help us save. A few years ago we may have had the attitude that we would give a program a try and if we didn’t like it we would deal with our concerns later. But nowadays we closely examine programs like the easysaver rewards before we sign up, and that’s a good thing.

The reality is that easy saver programs are fantastic ways to save money and to enjoy things in life that we may otherwise not be able to afford. But even so, it is always important that the program you choose to join offers quick and simple easy saver cancellations as an option available to you at anytime you choose. One word of caution about cancelling though, you should first redeem your easy saver rewards. After all, you earned those as part of the benefits of belonging to the easysaver rewards program.


Blair Rewards Continues to Receive Criticism from the People with No Complaints

Released on: May 31, 2010, 07:45 am
Author: Marley Masters
Industry: Consumer Services

The former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair left office in 2007. He left behind him a legacy of individuals that were placed into position as a result of Blair rewards. Although there was criticism resulting in numerous Blair rewards complaints, there are still individuals and groups that benefited from his rewards, which will likely continue to grant him favor.

Not all individuals have Blair rewards complaints, as they were the beneficiaries of Tony’s program. Their careers were fast tracked as a result of providing Tony with favors. These groups and individuals are likely to continue holding the line for the former Prime Minister and provide assistance whenever they are called upon to do so.

Interestingly, there has been very little coverage of the individuals participating in blairrewards. This is perhaps because they are relatively little fish in a big pond. There is little media attention paid to minions while the master of puppets appeals to a greater audience.


2010 New Products Featured Listed-Louis Vuitton Cosmic Series

Released on: May 31, 2010, 06:49 am
Author: purse company
Industry: Retail

Come another long summer day, when I was thinking how to pass long and hot summer vacation, now it was so exciting that Louis Vuitton Cosmic Handbag series come up featured on Vuitton store. If you are still preparing the accessories for your beach vacation, the louis vuitton accessories from cosmic collection are definitely something unmissable, for these would make your vacation more stylish, interesting and delightful. The cosmic handbag is just one of the members giving you splendor from beach to city.

Available in fresh rose, blue and violet, this louis vuitton tote is interpreted with its iconic monogram and takashi murakami’s creative smile prints. Especially in summer days, the vivid, bright colors and designs would bring you incredible pleasant mood. The eclentic mix of cosmic blossom vivny and a vintage louis vuitton trunk label gives this generous tote a vibrant charm while the patent leather trimmings and golden brass details accent up its sumptuousness and modernity.

more… Provides A Simplified Way To Locate Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Released on: May 31, 2010, 06:36 am
Industry: Healthcare is the leading online directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities. This free public benefit service website offers the largest and most comprehensive directory available of drug and alcohol rehab centers and treatment professionals. is not directly affiliated with any of the facilities listed. This helps to insure users that the information offered is unbiased and straightforward. Not only does the site offer an all-inclusive directory it also provides details about treatment options, resources and even an assessment that can help determine care needs. This website is an exceptional tool for anyone interested in learning about or selecting an alcohol treatment center or treatment professional.


Philips Announces Global Filmmaking Competition To Find The Next Ridley Scott

Released on: May 28, 2010, 01:10 pm
Author: Royal Philips Electronics
Industry: Entertainment

Philips has launched an exciting global competition giving aspiring filmmakers the chance to have an original work judged by one of the world’s greatest film directors – Sir Ridley Scott, director of Hollywood blockbusters including Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000).

The competition, called ‘Tell It Your Way’, will also give one lucky winner the chance to gain a week’s work experience at Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) offices in Los Angeles, New York, London or Hong Kong.

The contest involves creating an original short film to accompany Philips’ ground-breaking Parallel Lines series of short films, directed by RSA talents, Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim. The five short films, released on the Philips website are part of a cinematic project whereby each director created a film in a different genre, with a different storyline, but all following the same dialogue.

The Parallel Lines films bring to life the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs – unique Ambilight technology, award-winning picture quality, and superior sound – and are a cinematic interpretation of the campaign idea: “There are millions of ways to tell a story.