Web Content Management Solutions For Print-to-Web Work Flow

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:58 pm
Author: Database Publishing Consultants, Inc.
Industry: Marketing

TimeOut family magazines were looking to implement tailored web content management solutions for their business. The project required the integration of TimeOut’s powerful K4 Publishing System used for the print versions of their magazines with the power and versatility of Drupal content management systems for web publishing.

January, 2010 – Content management is an important part of publishing and there are oftentimes difficulties transferring information efficiently among systems designed for paper publication and systems designed for printing to the Web. Many companies resolve data transfer problems by employing designated personnel whose sole responsibility is to copy and paste the content to the Web.

Drupal content management systems are well known for their ability to streamline web publishing practices. They provide web content management solutions for organizations in an open-source format that is easy-to-use, which makes web content management processes accessible to non-technical personnel.

TimeOut family magazines, which include TimeOut New York, TimeOut Kids, TimeOut Chicago, and TimeOut Worldwide, have been using the K4 Publishing System to produce the print versions of the magazines for several years. TimeOut wanted to redesign its website using the Drupal content management systems. The company also wanted to directly connect the K4 Publishing System to the Drupal CMS in order to arrive at a sustainable and more effectual web content management solution.

There was a clear opportunity for TimeOut to gain additional efficiency if it could leverage the power of both systems. Both K4 and Drupal CMS are excellent tools; however, a more efficient integrated solution would require a K4-to-Drupal module to act as a bridge between the two.


0800 Repair Launches First Digital Campaign With Lakestar Media

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:39 pm
Author: Lakestar Media
Industry: Marketing

The new 0800 brand was launched in July 2009 formerly known as (JTM contracts) and the company currently undertakes appliance repair, washing machine repair and other white goods repairs for its customers.

0800 Repair currently employs more than 100 staff at its call centres and has a network of 400 sub-contracted engineers operating nationally making it one of the UK’s largest professional appliance repair companies focusing on household goods including washing machines, cookers and tumble dryers.

The company which is part of the Pacifica Group has selected Lakestar Media to drive the brand forward, positioning it as a ‘locally owned – nationally known’ household name, through an integrated Search Engine Optimisation, paid search and affiliate marketing campaign.

0800 Repair expects to double its turnover f r o m £12 million to £25 million by 2014 and the firm is currently in the process of creating another 60 jobs as it expands nationally via a network of franchises.


Summer Course At Culford Starts In July

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:55 pm
Author: Macarena Palacios/Skola
Industry: Education

Culford School, a well known institution with an excellent reputation within the UK, will start its Summer Courses once again in July 2010. The courses include a 4 week summer school programme that is provided by Alexander’s International on the grounds of one of the most impressive summer schools England has to offer. The courses bring students from all over the world to experience the state of the art in language learning and enjoy a beautiful setting.

The courses

Students enrolled at the Culford School summer courses enjoy a minimum of 15 hours of weekly English tuition. Besides the standard language courses, all students also have an extra 6 to 9 hours per week devoted to tailormade content of their choosing. Culford students can choose from a wide variety of options to fill these extra hours and each option serves as a perfect complement for the language courses. Students should make their choice for a personalized program at the time of enrolment. Those who haven’t stated their preferred option will be directed to the Multi-Sport program, a student favourite for the past few years. This list contains all the options students can choose from at the time of enrolment:


IC School Promotes Healthy Habits With Their Walk On Wednesdays Initiative

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:23 pm
Author: Macarena Palacios/ IC School
Industry: Education

The International Community School is one of the best known international school London has to offer. The institution has recently stepped out of the classroom with their new Walk on Wednesday program that involves all of their Primary Year students. The initiative seeks to promote healthy habits and to teach the important habits of keeping a regular exercise routine to avoid the health problems related to obesity.

Childhood obesity has grown to be a major problem in several western countries. Kids these days walk far less than the ones from the past generation and the statistics regarding obesity are shocking. Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise since almost anyone can do it. Thus taking daily walks can become the foundation from which children can learn a host of other healthy habits and learn to incorporate a proper diet and exercise in their lives.


House of Fraser Introduces New Homeware Collection

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:31 pm
Author: House of Fraser
Industry: Retail

House of Fraser has launched is latest exclusive homeware collection – Pied a Terre Home.

Pied a Terre has been long established as a footwear brand and paying homage to its roots, the first collection offers a fashion-led range of must-have homeware. Featuring a mix of luxe fabrics, mirrored finishes, bold colour and high shine accessories, the Pied a Terre homeware is an elegant and stylish new addition to the world of Home and the collection is only available at House of Fraser.

Metallic detailing is key in dining. A touch of gold provides a glam finish on pink and purple patterned dinnerware, while fine gold stripes on white and a simple gold rim on black encapsulates a distinctly sophisticated feel. Silver looks fresh and bright on a cool eau de nil base while gold and black gloss cutlery sits with coloured porcelain dinnerware creating a polished, modern feel.

Layering provides a sumptuous feel to bedlinen. Luxurious throws and embellished, ruched and embroidered cushions add the finishing touches to the designs. A soft-grey herringbone pleat design is perfectly coordinated with matching cushions and a dove-grey headboard for super-chic style. For a feminine feel an embroidered chinoiserie design in shades of pink will brighten any bedroom, while a simple white ruffle design offsets with black to add a harder edge.


Bigmouthmedia Praises Online Retailing Success Stories

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:20 pm
Author: Bigmouthmedia
Industry: Retail

Bigmouthmedia has praised the winners of the 2010 Drapers Etail Awards for continuing to make a success of online retail despite challenging trading conditions.

Senior Retail Strategist Finlay Clark, who sat on the panel of online retailing experts judging the nominations, commended all 59 of the shortlisted candidates for making this year’s selection process particularly challenging. Highlighting the high standard of entries for the 2010 awards, which celebrate success and innovation in online fashion retailing, he praised the winners of each category for proving that even in difficult economic circumstances, a well-run etailing operation can reap dividends.

“Even in the face of the worst recession to hit the industry for generations, the fashion retail sector has continued to develop, innovate and drive profits through its online retailing operations. The downturn has had the same impact upon the industry as it has every other sector, but the fashion business has demonstrated that focusing on the sales channels which provide the best and most measurable returns will still deliver competitive advantage,” he said.


New Parenting Interview Series “Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids” Helps Parents Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:13 pm
Author: Jill Hope
Industry: Education

CHICAGO, IL — JANUARY 29, 2010 – I Shine, which offers character building and self-esteem programs for children and conscious parenting programs for adults, announces the release of its free expert parenting interview series “Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids”. The new interview series offers tips and strategies from top parenting experts to help parents nurture the healthy development of their children and better manage common parenting concerns.

“This interview series is for parents looking for simple strategies they can use immediately to address everyday parenting concerns,” said Jill Hope, founder of I Shine. “It provides valuable information on how to develop healthy habits in children and avoid common parenting mistakes. The tips and techniques shared by our experts will help to ensure that our children develop the skills they need to grow into emotionally healthy adults.”


Young International English Learners Gather Annually At Bawdsey Manor

Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:02 pm
Author: Macarena Palacios/ IC School
Industry: Education

Suffolk (UK), 29 January 2010: English learners from all over the world are continuing to attend summer school courses in the UK, with a reach that extends worldwide, according to enrolment data released by Alexanders International School. Despite the enrolment figures in 2009 dropping slightly for the range of nationalities, numbers were still well up and an impressive thirty nations were represented at the school’s summer programme.

Alexanders International School has consistently filled more than 2,000 student placements in its weekly summertime courses that combine English language lessons with enjoyable outdoor and creative activities. The scope and diversity of the students covers a vast range of countries across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America, the CIS and the Middle East, however figures vary between the academic year and summer course enrolments. While students from Germany, Spain and Italy prefer to take shorter summertime study options, students from Japan and Korea tend towards academic year courses. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia have always been well represented in the summertime courses, and in 2009 Russia emerged on top with 19% of Alexanders students, then France (18%), Germany (15%), Spain (13%) and Italy (11%). Kazak, Japanese, Ukrainian, Greek and Chinese students held the remaining Top 10 positions.


Staying Dry In January And February

Released on: January 29, 2010, 11:55 am
Author: James Balmain
Industry: Retail

January and February can produce the best and worst of weather, so there’s no better time to check out Webtogs selection of waterproof jackets to suit any pocket. With scores of jackets between them, Berghaus and the North Face are two of the biggest and most respected names available and provide some great bargains.

The classic Berghaus RG1 jacket is a long standing favourite, ideal for starting out and giving amazing value for money. Ever popular the RG1 uses Berghaus’ own Aquafoil waterproof technology with a DWR coating to keep the elements out. With a choice of 4 colours there’s something for everyone f r o m the classic black to a vibrant red and if the snow and ice of early January returns there’s even an option of a version with extra warmth in the Berghaus RG1 Insulated Jacket.

The North Face Resolve is another classic entry level waterproof offering real value for money with its HyVent waterproof and breathable fabric. The simple styling is supplemented with a fully adjustable hood that stows away when not needed and easily
adjustable hem cord for sealing the wearer safely inside a protective shell. 5 colours give plenty of choice, one more than the Women’s Venture Jacket. The Venture Jacket for women is a technical jacket at a budget conscious price, with all the features of more expensive jackets. Brushed chinguard lining and pit zip vents show the attention to detail on one of Berghaus’ most popular jackets.


The Children’s Mutual Reports Parents Persist In Saving

Released on: January 29, 2010, 11:52 am
Author: The Children’s Mutual
Industry: Financial

The Children’s Mutual, a leading Child Trust Fund provider, has reported that the latest figures from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that parents are persisting in saving for their children and engaging with the Child Trust Fund.

The new quarterly Child Trust Fund statistics released by the HMRC have revealed that nearly three quarters of all Child Trust Funds (CTFs) are proactively opened within a year of a child’s birth. However, according to a new analysis from The Children’s Mutual, this figure only tells part of the story of parents’ engagement with saving for their children.

The award winning Child Trust Fund provider found that while the vast majority of parents open an account for their child rather than waiting for the Government to do so, many of those who don’t are making a proactive decision not to while others are understandably busy with their new baby.