Creative Bube Tube, a Television Commercial Production Agency, was thrilled to create Slimband’s latest TV ad campaign


Released on: March 31, 2009, 8:06 am
Author: Creative Bube Tube
Industry: Advertising

Say Hello to Wow! And Say Hello to Slimband!
Slimband is the solution to permanent weight loss! Slimband makes you lose weight without feeling deprived or unsatisfied. You can eat what you want, and you just eat less of it.

Unlike other diet fad’s, Slimband works because you feel full faster. It’s the permanent solution that will control your appetite for good! Slimband offers a new approach to losing weight and keeping it off. It’s a simple 30 minute, non-invasive procedure, which will have you ready to start your own success story in no time.

The Slimband program is a 2 step process that involves the surgical implantation of a small band around the stomach and a 3 year follow-up support plan. The support plan includes nutritional counseling; various fitness programs and also fill adjustments.

Clients of Slimband can expect to lose up to 48% of their excess weight within the first 18 months. Slimband patients are ecstatic with the results. The physical transformation is stunning; the benefits of this procedure go far beyond the cosmetic. In addition to such self-image gains, Slimband can drastically increase energy levels and help control weight-aggrieved conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol and type II diabetes.

Creative Bube Tube, a full service Television Advertising and Commercial Production Company, was thrilled to have worked with Slimband, having created their latest TV ad campaign. Only one month of advertising for Slimband and their phones have been ringing off the hook. It’s no wonder why everyone is interested in Slimband, because when weight loss works there’s no reason to say no. So say good bye to plus sizes, say good bye to diet pills and say hello to Slimband.

For more information about Slimband go online to For more information about a Television campaign for your company,

Contact Details: Creative Bube Tube
225 Main Street East, Suite 8
Milton, ON L9T 1N9
905 876 9229 

A New and Improved Look for


Released on: March 31, 2009, 8:01 am
Author: Stephanie Demetriou/
Industry: Marketing

For almost ten years, has been a leading search portal for personal checks, business checks, and other check accessories. While the existing site served its purpose well, 4checks’ executives decided to optimize the site in order to give each consumer the best possible experience. With this new look and functional enhancements for 4checks, the company hopes to give users a better understanding of the organization and create new and long-lasting relationships among its customers and affiliates.

On March 12, 2009, 4checks released the first version of its new website. The biggest change is the modernized look complete with an updated color scheme and new branding. While the site has become more eye-catching, it has also been changed for more convenience to the consumer. Top selling and newly released designs are now called out on the homepage for users that are looking for a quick purchase, while a category page has been created for consumers that wish to browse for the perfect check design and format. Also on the homepage, special offers have a specific link to show consumers the latest deals on personal and business checks. Additionally, 4checks press releases and blogs have been linked to the new homepage to keep consumers up to date on the happenings of the company. Finally, 4checks is now partnering with EZShield as a fraud protection and prevention measure for not only checks, but consumer identities and credit cards as well. The new homepage provides a link to information about these services.

Whether you have visited 4checks or purchased from its partners before or if this will be your first experience, we are thrilled to have you. Browse through the new and updated features to gain an understanding of the company and then choose a check design that suits you perfectly. Keep checking back for changes and updates to the new site, also. Whatever your purpose, plan a visit to the site soon to find something you love!

For almost a decade, has served as a check search portal for nearly eleven different check printing companies. At customers are able to search by category, specific check type, or checking accessories. With over 800 personal and business checks to choose from, 4checks has a check design for everyone! Visit the site today and search for your perfect check!

Contact Details: 1802 Fashion Court
Joppa, MD 21085
410-679-3300 ext.2453
410-676-3300 (fax)


Sky starts phased launch of new Sky+HD Guide


Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:47 am
Author: Victoria Etaghene
Industry: Entertainment

Sky has announced that it has begun the phased launch of its new TV guide for Sky+HD customers, following extensive research trials.

The new Sky+HD Guide is an evolution of Sky’s popular electronic programme guide (EPG) and makes it even easier for HD customers to find, watch and record the programmes they may want to watch live, on-demand via Anytime or at a later date.

The new Sky+HD Guide was introduced to its first group of HDcustomers on Tuesday 10 March. Customers will not lose any of the programmes they have recorded on their boxes and will not have to make any adjustments to receive the new guide.

Benefits of the new Sky+HD Guide include:

– Viewers can now browse and watch TV at the same time so they never have to miss a minute of their favourite show again.

– Viewers can now view programme information for all programmes across all channels, up to 12 hours ahead without interrupting their current TV viewing.

– Viewers can now record and Series Link at the touch of a button straight from the TV listings without having to go back to their planner. If the programme they’d like to record is part of a series, the new Series Link prompt will ask them if they would like to record it once or record the whole series. Series Link can also be set from the TV Guide, or the Now, Next and Later banner, even while watching a programme.

– The new Series Stack feature helps viewers better manage their recordings in their planner by grouping all the episodes from a series together in the same place under the programme name.

– Viewers will be able to search for their favourite shows and discover new ones up to seven days ahead by programme title, genre or subgenre, such as ‘Movies: Comedy’.

Gerry O’Sullivan, Director of Strategic Product Development at Skysaid: “The launch of our -new on-screen guide means Sky+HD customers will now find it even easier to search, record and watch the
thousands of hours of high definition programmes that only Sky+HD delivers”.


About Sky+HD 
Launched in May 2006, it is Sky’s fastest ever growing additional TV product with 779,000 Sky homes now enjoying the richness and intensity of high definition TV and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. A Sky+HD box cost £49 and the service offers 32 dedicated HD channels from brands such as National Geographic HD, Sky Sports HD, Sky Movies HD, Sky1 HD, FX HD, History HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, MTVN HD, Sky Arts HD, Sky Arts HD 2 and Discovery HD. BBC HD, Channel 4 HD and Luxe HD are available without any subscriptions (C4 HD requires a valid viewing card). Compatible HD ready TV and Sky+HD box required.

Sky+HD PR contact:
Victoria Etaghene
Sky Consumer PR Executive
BSkyB Ltd
Grant Way
020 7805 6424

Gulf Air joins hands with TNT

Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:44 am
Author: Gulf Air
Industry: Transportation & Logistics

National Carrier Gulf Air and TNT Express, one of the world’s leading providers of express delivery services, have signed a Global Incentive Agreement Programme (GIAP).

The GIAP, introduced by Gulf Air in 2007, is designed to provide its key global partners with incentives to boost their cargo traffic volumes and reciprocally ensure that Gulf Air is endorsed as a ‘Core Carrier’ of its partners.

“Global incentive arrangements are a key strategy in building effective partnerships, especially when it comes to the air cargo industry,” said Gulf Air Director Cargo, Mr. Serge Tripet, “This agreement is a win-win proposition, as it helps both Gulf Air and TNT Express to complement each other’s business in a mutually rewarding way. Besides, the partnership will further strengthen the regional and global network capabilities of both organizations.”

The agreement provides access, for both Gulf Air and TNT Express, to permanent direct bookings, specific service-level commitments, service recovery plans and claims processing as well as regular interface with key account managers at headquarters.

“TNT and Gulf Air have had a long-standing business relationship and the GIAP will reinforce it,” said Ian Butler, TNT Express Director Global Networks, Americas, Middle East and Africa, “The Global Incentive Agreement Programme will ultimately allow us to serve our customers better, which is a crucial benefit in addition to the incentive aspect of the program.”

TNT Express provides a unique combination of on-demand, time-sensitive, door-to-door services with flights within the GCC, flights to Bahrain and around the world.


About Gulf Air 
Gulf Air was founded in 1950. Today, it is owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is the only truly pan Gulf carrier in the region. The airline’sflight network stretches from Europe to Asia and covers 42 cities in 27 countries. The current fleet of Gulf Air consists of 29 aircraft.

The new network, based on a “wave” model, offers as many as 588 flights every week in the Middle East with more non-stop flights than any other airline.

The airline is also planning to re-fleet itself over the next five years to further strengthen its presence. It recently signed a deal worth nearly US $ 6 billion with Boeing to purchase up to 24 Boeing 787 aircraft and another deal with Airbus for 35 aircraft, including A320s and A330s.

The airline aims to become the carrier of choice. Gulf Air’s onboard service caters high quality products and services to its passengers, including the innovative, unique and award winning Sky Chefs and Sky Nannies.

For further information please contact:
Karan Srinivasan
Corporate Communications Department
Gulf Air
P.O. Box 138
Kingdom of Bahrain
00973 39901242

It takes bottle to issue a challenge to everyone in the UK… all of us. But that’s what holiday price comparison website has decided to do. But why?



Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:38 am
Author: Kim Chambers
Industry: Travel

It takes bottle to issue a challenge to everyone in the UK… all of us. But that’s what holiday price comparison website has decided to do. But why?

“Not so long ago” BeatTheBrochure explains, “The high street was the place to book your holidays. These days the best place to get cheap holiday deals is online. The problem is there are so many holiday price comparison websites that finding the best deal is just as complicated as ever.

Whereas once you’d have researched your ideal holiday via a handful of travel agencies, now you’ve got to choose from hundreds – maybe thousands – of holiday price comparison websites!”

And they’re right. Take Turkey holidays as an example. Type ‘Turkey holidays’ into your favourite search engine and see what comes up… you’ll probably find the first page includes at least six holiday price comparison portals. Followed by pages and pages more. Our search engine returned more than seven million sites in total for that one simple search term; a level of choice that seems more of a hindrance than a help.

Cutting through all the fluff, BeatTheBrochure is confident enough in their unique comparison software to issue a challenge. “We’re prepared to bet that you won’t find Turkey holidays, Greece holidays , in fact any holidays, cheaper in any brochure anywhere.”

But that’s not all. BeatTheBrochure is also beautifully simple to use. Test drive a few holiday price comparison websites yourself and see how you get on. It isn’t always as straightforward as you’d hope, and spending hours on end faffing around just defeats the object. You might as well head for the high street.

Unlike many, BeatTheBrochure lets consumers search the holiday firms offering, for example, “Turkey holidays” in one go. It’s immediate, efficient and highly effective. With Thomson, Thomas Cook and First Choice on board as well as a huge range of trusted holiday and travel suppliers, tracking down the best value Turkey holidays has suddenly become much simpler. 

Details for Editors:
Press Contact Number:
01708 759 170
0800 027 5654 reports global hotel prices drop 12 per cent

Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:27 am
Industry: Travel

According to the latest Hotel Price Index, the average price of a hotel room around the world fell by 12% last year*, driven by price drops across every continent.

Hotel prices in December 2008 were more than one tenth lower than they were the year before and room rates were just 1% above January 2004, when the Hotel Price Index was started.

Prices in North America fell by the greatest extent, down 12% in Q4 2008 compared to the year before. Prices for hotel rooms in Europe fared little better, dropping 10% during the same period. In the Caribbean and Latin America they fell by 7%, while in Asia prices fell just 2%.

David Roche, President, Worldwide, commented: “Room rates dropped significantly in the final three months of last year as hoteliers around the world cut prices to try to fill their rooms. Last autumn, North America was the only continent to see the average room price fall, the latest Hotel Price Index, shows the economic downturn is now affecting hotel prices on all continents.”

For UK travellers, the weakness of the Pound against the Euro and the Dollar meant that price falls were not felt quite so keenly as elsewhere in the world. In fact, in many destinations, prices paid by UK travellers were actually up, compared to the year before.

Average prices paid by UK travellers for New York hotels were down by 1% year-on-year, despite the strength of the US Dollar against the Pound, demonstrating the cuts that US hoteliers had to make to rates.

The European business centres of Geneva (£136) and Zurich (£119) experienced some of the steepest increases in room rates for UK travellers. Prices in these cities rose by 34% and 20%, respectively, taking them into the top 10 in the price league table. This was largely due to the Swiss Franc’s strength against the Pound. Paris hotels also showed a large increase with a 13% rise.

For the first time, London hotels fell out of the top ten global cities price league, experiencing price drops of 12% year-on-year to just£111 per room per night. The booming influx of European travellers to the capital failed to support the city’s hotel prices and owners sought to encourage visits from domestic travellers, bringing prices down.

David Roche concluded: “Our report shows that hoteliers around the world are being forced to cut rates to fill their rooms. Due to weak Sterling, UK travellers will have to work a bit harder to find the bargains but there are still plenty to be had.

“For travellers from any part of the world, this is a great time to explore: travel has not been this cheap since January 2004.

“The indications are that 2009 will continue to be a good year for travellers. If Sterling strengthens, UK travellers will start enjoying the great savings our European and US counterparts are currently experiencing”.

Notes to editor

* The HPI tracks the real prices paid per room by customers around the world, rather than advertised rates, using a weighted average based on the number of rooms sold in each of the markets that operates in.

As part of the Expedia group which operates in all major markets with dedicated staff, offers more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. If a customer can find the same deal for less on a prepaid hotel, will match it. benefits from one of the largest hotel contracting teams in the industry negotiating the best rates for its users, plus user-contributed reviews of its properties.

PR contact:
Cordy Griffiths
PR Manager
42 Earlham St
Covent Garden
020 7019 2360

Lloyds TSB increases rates on fixed rate cash ISA


Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:20 am
Author: Amanda Glover
Industry: Financial

Lloyds TSB announces that it will be increasing rates on its Fixed Rate Cash ISA by up to 1 per cent.

Available from 24th March 2009, the rate on the Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate Cash ISA is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of account opening. Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of £3000 and will accept transfers from previous tax years.

Colin Walsh, managing director savings and investment at Lloyds TSB said: “This latest rate increase is just one example of how we are working to help savers make the most of their money in today’s difficult economic climate. Given the current low rate environment, it is more important than ever to make use of your tax free allowance and we would encourage savers to take action before the tax year end on April 5th.”

Existing customers who already hold a balance within the improved tiers will also see their rate increase from the 24th March. This means customers who have a balance of £9000 or more will earn a guaranteed rate of 3 per cent for 12 months.

Research from the bank shows that almost half of savers would prefer a fixed rate, in today’s uncertain economic climate.

Colin Walsh continued: “The ISA market has been active for ten years now and many savers have built up a substantial tax free nest egg. Unlike a number of the headline ISAs on the market, our product allows customers to transfer in their previous ISA savings, so they can earn a competitive rate on the maximum balance.”

More information on the Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate ISA is available through branches of Lloyds TSB or online.

– Ends –

Notes to editors:
Rate increase applies to 2009 Fixed Rate Cash ISA launched on 16th
February 2009. Rates on 2008 Fixed Rate ISA remain unchanged.

About Lloyds TSB
Lloyds TSB offers customers a wide range of current accounts, savings accounts, insurance, personal loans and credit cards, designed to meet different customers’ needs.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and signatories to the Banking Codes.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales no. 2065. 

For more information or case studies contact:
Amanda Glover
Lloyds TSB Press Office
Media Relations Manager 
Lloyds TSB Press Office
25 Gresham Street
020 7356 2021

Burton launches Quiksilver clothing line



Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:11 am
Author: Burton
Industry: Consumer Services

Burton, the men’s fashion specialists, has launched a new clothing line available online and in selected high street Burton stores f r o m Quiksilver, the surf and casual wear clothing company.

Among the items in the new range of mens clothing f r o m Quiksilver are a number of printed t-shirts, including some featuring vintage designs, hoodies and zip ups and a full range of boardshorts, all boasting intricate designs.

Jaqui Murphy, Burton Buyer, said: “This Quiksilver range provides the Burton customer with a true feel of the surfing brand by including the original 1970s logos on vintage wash tees and classic hibiscus print boardies, while remaining relevant to a fast paced British lifestyle with brushed cotton hoodies and a comfortable range of easy to wear coloured tees.”

Quiksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people and develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle driven f r o m a surfing heritage. Quiksilver’s authenticity is evident in its products, events and retail environments across the globe.

Quiksilver’s products are sold throughout the world, primarily in surf shops, skate shops and other specialty stores but the new clothing line will now also be available online at and in selected high street stores.

The Quiksilver way of life was born in 1969 when two young Australian surfers went to Torquay to live out their surfing dream. Their break through was creating innovative boardshorts made f r o m a durable lightweight fabric which dried rapidly. Soon other riders would do anything to get one of these elusive newfangled boardshorts. This was the birth of Quiksilver, the genuine, original, functional choice of the hard-core participant. Over the years Quiksilver has been propelled further by its constant innovation in materials, high tech fabrics and cutting edge graphics – this collection is the embodiment of the Quiksilver lifestyle.

About Burton
Burton has a long history in mens fashion, having been founded in 1903 by Montague Burton in Chesterfield. Burton now has over 400 outlets all over the UK and Ireland making it one of the country’s largest sellers of casual and formal menswear, including mens t-shirts
, jeans, jackets, knitwear, mens shorts, shoes, underwear and accessories.

Customers can also shop online f r o m the website which offers free returns in-store or by post and fast delivery to their home.

For further media information, please contact:
Sara Scurfield
Colegrave House
70 Berners Street
020 7291 2951


Austin Real Estate Agent Sells Custom Lake Travis Estate Home In Five Days

Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:06 am
Industry: Real Estate

Top Austin Real Estate Agent, Kenn Renner ( with Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center in Lakeway Sold a Custom “Spec” Home in Five Days.

Austin, TX – March 30, 2009 – In an economy where negative real estate and financial news has become an all too common subject of the media, it is refreshing to hear of a win-win real estate success story. On Saturday, March 7th real estate broker Kenn Renner listed a brand new custom lake view home built by Horne Brothers Custom Homes located at 8032 Riviera Estates, Leander, Texas (

Kenn’s buyers were alerted via email through a “client Gateway” – a free Internet search feature that allows buyers to be notified when new listings come on the market. “Our buyer called us within 24 hours of the home hitting the market, our team showed him the home immediately, and within a few days we had the purchase details worked out and now we are under contract and headed toward closing.” Kenn explained. “The strategy that we took with the builder was to wait until the home was totally completed and fully staged before putting it on the market.” In the luxury market where selling times can exceed a year, an immediate sale is rare.

The buyers, who work in the medical field, had been looking for over two years for exactly the right lake view property – being very patient and particular about the type of home and especially the view. This brand new luxury estate fit their requirements and the builder will be adding a negative edge pool to complete their dream home. Our buyers confirmed their satisfaction exclaiming “This IS home!”

“In today’s extremely competitive market it takes a combination of strategies to sell a luxury home. It boils down to – staging, pricing, marketing and patience. The property must be staged and showcased with virtual tours, professional photography and graphic floor plans. I take it a step further and include high definition video tours that feature virtual aerial flyovers utilizing Google Earth.” Kenn adds “over
85% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet – for high end homes that number is much higher and they expect video content to be a part of the presentation.” As he does with all his listings Kenn created a unique property website exclusive to the home (www.8032RivieraEstates.Com). Buyers can navigate directly to a fully interactive exclusive website that features the specific property as opposed to a static web page or a typical multiple listing link.“Sellers need the marketing edge and exclusivity in all selling situations, especially luxury homes.”

Kenn owes much of his video expertise from his many appearances on the National television – HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Kenn produces all of his videos in-house and has a full time production assistant. “This home sold so quick I was not able to get the video finished in time, but we will add it at a later date because the home is spectacular and will show great in Hi Def.” Kenn recently released a video of another Lake Travis estate property called Lime Creek Ranch (, which showcases the property with virtual flyovers and 360-degree panoramas. “Having great video content is just the first step – we then spend a lot of time and resources getting them placed high on the search engines including Google & Youtube. We often are placed in the very first position when someone types in the keywords Austin Real Estate Videos in Google.”

He also utilizes intense search engine optimization (SEO) to get his listings and popular websites to the top of the search engines. “You must make your clients property very Internet friendly and then get them exposed with proper keyword phrases to be competitive in this market.” Having great websites also helps his clients exposure like his popular website Austin real estate website, which has been around since 1995 or his newly

To get your property showcased with by Kenn Renner, one of the top real estate brokers in Austin, Texas, contact him (512) 423-5626.

About Kenn Renner: 
Kenn Renner ( is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes.

Press Release submitted by

Contact Details: Kenn Renner, Broker/Speaker
Keller Williams Realty, Lake Travis
1921 Lohmans Crossing
Austin, TX 78634
(512) 423-5626 (call or Text)
email: pressreleaser(at)

4PSA VoipNow 2 Helps Service Providers Deliver Hosted Unified Communications


Released on: March 30, 2009, 9:02 pm
Author: Rack-Soft
Industry: Software

March 30, 2009 – Rack-Soft announced today the general availability of 4PSA VoipNow 2, a Unified Communications software system that integrates a powerful IP PBX, supporting voice, video, presence, and faxing with instant messaging capabilities. The new VoipNow 2 targets Internet Telephony service providers and web hosting providers that want to increase their revenues by offering value added unified communications services to their customers.

The new version comes with more than 100 new features and benefits from the 4Grid based architecture that boosts scalability by allowing service distribution across multiple servers.

“We released VoipNow 2 GA three years after the first release of the VoipNow solution. It is the result of a long development effort that has already been awarded by the great feedback received from our beta testers during the past two months. With the new VoipNow 2 features, service providers can deliver Unified Communications services on a mature platform, designed for the hosting market. VoipNow 2 offers unmatched functionality, manageability and scalability at an affordable price.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, Rack-Soft’s CEO.

Besides the redesigned architecture, VoipNow 2 also adds full T.38 support, email to fax, conference management and scheduling, one interface management for multiple VoipNow servers, developer plug-ins support, LiveMonitor, FollowMe, setup wizards, and many other new features.

4PSA VoipNow 2 is a Unified Communications platform that enables Service Providers to offer highly sophisticated Unified Communications services to businesses and individuals. 4PSA VoipNow can be deployed on standalone Linux x86 servers or on virtualized environments based on VMware or Virtuozzo. The product is also available in a free version, limited to ten phone extensions. Prices for the commercial version start from 299USD.

About Rack-Soft
Rack-Soft develops innovative software for servers and Data Centers based on the 4Grid framework. The proprietary 4Grid technology offers the foundation for the next generation, cloud ready service delivery platforms that allow providers to deploy redundant, scalable and easy to manage SaaS infrastructures.

4PSA VoipNow is a complete Unified Communications solution that integrates voice, video, fax, and messaging with hosting services. 4PSA DNS Manager is a DNS control panel that consolidates DNS records in hosting infrastructures, delivering high availability, load balancing and automation. Rack-Soft provides a wide range of solutions for Parallels Plesk that protect servers against threats (viruses, spam, hacking), implement backup and disaster recovery, and simplify SaaS deployments.

Rack-Soft business philosophy is based on an ISO 9001 quality management system certified by TUV CERT. For more information, please visit

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please send an email to press AT

All products and company names herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

Contact Details: Rack-Soft SRL
DCL Office Building, 20-22 Bilciuresti Street, sector 1
Bucharest, 014012, Romania
Phone: 646-957-8997 (US)
Fax: 270-638-0988 (US)