LighterLife reveal the scale of bullying suffered by Britain’s obese

Released on: November 3, 2008, 8:06 am

Press Release Author: LighterLife

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: LighterLife has conducted a survey that reveals the shocking scale of abuse suffered by overweight Britons

Press Release Body: LighterLife, the UK weight loss specialist, has conducted a survey of 1000 adults that reveals the full scale of abuse suffered by overweight or obese Britons.

According to the survey, nine out of ten overweight people in Britain have been called a derogatory name about their weight, and yet many who insult others are overweight or obese themselves. While 46% of people admit to having called, referred to or thought of an overweight person by a derogatory name because of their weight, the percentage of bullies who are overweight themselves is surprisingly high, with 33% of obese or very obese respondents admitting to insulting other overweight people.

When it comes to insulting friends and relatives, men are the cruelest, with 28 per cent of men – nearly a third – admitting to insulting overweight friends, whereas many more women are restrained, with just 11% levelling abuse at overweight people they know. The problem reduces with age however; 29 per cent of 16-24-year-olds will call a friend or relative a derogatory name, whereas only 12 per cent of 55-64-year-olds will do this.

Where someone lives is likely to determine how much abuse they get too. For example, 30% of Londoners would call a friend or relative a derogatory name, while only 15% of Scots would do the same.

The survey from LighterLife has concerned many in the weight management industry, stressing that people need encouragement to go on weight loss diets, not abuse.

Mandy Cassidy, a psychotherapist with LighterLife, said: “It’s sad that adults now find such behaviour acceptable, and particularly so among the younger age groups, as they could well carry through these views as they get older, thus increasing the problem even further.”

People can appear to shrug off comments, she added, but inside, they can be devastated:“Often it is only through counselling that the full impact become clear – many of our clients have resorted to avoiding social occasions and decline invitations.

“Even some people who appear totally confident say that they become ‘really good liars’ and concoct a range of excuses for not attending events – which can drive them indoors, to eat as a way of dealing with their hurt and anger, which compounds the problem.

“Just because someone is overweight, it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to insult them. This type of prejudice isn’t tolerated in any other walk of life – so we shouldn’t allow it here?”

Dr Ian W Campbell, Hon. Medical Director of charity Weight Concern, said: “These findings are very concerning. People who have a weight problem need support, encouragement and advice on how to lose weight, not ridicule.

“Many already have underlying psychological and self-esteem issues and this type of behaviour can only serve to make matters worse and cause a great deal of distress.

“Few people want to be very overweight and would love to be able to change. That process needs support, not criticism; it needs incentive, not punishment.”

About LighterLife:
LighterLife is a weight loss management programme for people who are clinically obese, equivalent to three stone or more overweight and with a body mass index greater than 29.

The unique LighterLife approach combines low-calorie diets in the form of nutritionally complete soups, shakes and bars, with specialised counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA) techniques. Clients benefit not only from safe, fast weight loss but they also learn the behavioural change needed to sustain it.

Founded in 1996, the LighterLife Programme was developed by three of its directors – Jackie Cox, Bar Hewlett and Rebecca Hunter.

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Is Treason Now Systemic?

Released on: November 3, 2008, 7:51 am


Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: In a searing indictment of U.S.-Israeli relations, a former counsel to the U.S. Senate publishes Guilt By Association, a book that delivers on its promise to “make treason transparent.”

Press Release Body: (WASHINGTON, D.C.) In a searing indictment of U.S.-Israeli relations, a former counsel to the U.S. Senate publishes Guilt By Association, a book that delivers on its promise to “make treason transparent.”

This in-depth account offers what former Congressman Paul Findley calls a “persuasive study of how stealth, deceit and cunning helped create today’s situation in the Middle East.” Chronicling the impact wielded on U.S. politics by elites and extremists loyal to Tel Aviv, Guilt is destined to provoke debate on Israel’s legitimacy as a sovereign state.

An adviser on financial policy to the governments of 35 countries, author Jeff Gates shows how treason became systemic by those skilled at displacing facts with what people can be deceived to believe. That duplicity includes a false belief in Iraqi WMD and mobile biological weapons laboratories and a widely shared “consensus” faith in the infallibility of unfettered financial markets.

Offering a sophisticated analysis crafted in layman’s language, Guilt describes how those complicit prey on faith as a means to influence behavior. Tracing this lineage of trans-generational manipulation to organized crime from the 1920s, the author offers a new context for grasping how corruption grew to global scale through the exploitation of manipulated beliefs.

A widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide, Jeff Gates’ previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century. Endorsers for these books include CEOs, heads of state, legislators, educators, commentators and Nobel laureates in peace and economics.

This book is available now. For more information, or to order, go

Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War is poised to become the first in a best-selling Criminal State series. (ISBN: 978-0-9821315-0-3; $27.95; 320 pages; 5½” x 8½”; perfect bound soft cover; State Street Publications).

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CINESTRAT 09 Doku Film Fest Spain

Released on: November 3, 2008, 7:45 am

Press Release Author: ACCESO

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Call for Entries for documentaries about Music and musical clips. 16,000 euro in prizes. Deadline march 15 2009

Press Release Body: CINESTRAT – Documentary Film Fest of Finestrat. 2009/05/6-10th


Hello friends,

For the 2009 edition of CINESTRAT, to be held in severall places (Finestrat- Alicante- Valencia/Spain, Lima/Perú, Mendoza/Argentina) from May 6th to 10th 2009, we have again chosen a new theme we are sure you will be interested in: MUSIC OF THE WORLD.

Therefor we would really be happy if you consider participating in our competition for: 1.documentaries about music and 2. music clips. A total amount of 16,000 euros in awards will be given over to winners among the selected films and clips.

The call for entries for CINESTRAT 09 is from November 1st. 2008 until March 15 2009, both inclusive. Entry is free and so is the original shooting format. Regulations for all are downloadable PDfiles on our website.

You only need to enter and fill in the e-form you can find on severall pages.

Hoping to receive your inscription soon, good luck.

René Bijloo, Chief Manager of CINESTRAT. (0034 627513662)

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Free Wedding Gowns For Military Brides

Released on: November 3, 2008, 7:36 am

Press Release Author: Patricia Souths The Brides Choice

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary: Patricia South’s The Brides Choice Will Be Joining Brides Across America and Giving Away 10 Gowns To Military Brides-To-Be!

Press Release Body:
Event Date: Tues, Nov 11th, 2008 (Veteran’s Day)
Place: Patricia South’s The Brides Choice
4066 West Broward Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Attention all Military Brides! Replace your fatigues with a free designer wedding gown from Patricia South’s Bridal Salon. Florida’s premier bridal salon is pleased to reward the Military personnel who served in Iraq or Afghanistan or whose fiancé’s are in active duty in those areas with this special event on Nov 11th to celebrate and honorVeteran’s Day.

This is a great way to show appreciation towards the troops and families for their sacrifice. Patricia South has hand selected 10 designer wedding gowns to give away at the event on a first come first serve basis. The giveaway is a philanthropic opportunity to show appreciation for their heart felt service for our country. It is time we give back and support.

To qualify, brides must be engaged, be on active duty in the military or have a fiancé on active duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan. All military brides must show ID, copy of deployment papers, orders or other qualifying proof. Brides do not have to reside in the area where the giveaway is taking place.

Please call ahead to reserve your appointment. For more information regarding the Nov 11th event please call Patricia South The Brides Choice at 954-791-6007. Other participating stores and states checkout

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Rolex Watches: Is conservatism the new fashion?

Released on: November 3, 2008, 7:28 am

Press Release Author: MJ Rolex Watch Blog

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Roger Federer, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, DJ AM, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are all dawning Rolex Day Date President watches. Is this a phenomenon or could the economy be spawning a return to a new style of conservatism?

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA- Rolex: Roger Federer, a world-famous tennis-star, is obsessed with his Rolex Day Date President at a time where young Hollywood stars have been found sporting newer styles by Cartier, Gucci, and Chanel. Rolex is a much more conservative brand and the Rolex Day Date President which Federer sports is a watch that has primarily worn by America’s CEO’S and presidents, including Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, and, now, even Barack Obama and John McCain. What about this watch’s history is causing so much renewed interest among today’s Hollywood elite?

The Rolex Day Date is also known as the ‘President’ for a very unique reason. The chairman of Rolex presented President Eisenhower with the Rolex Day Date in 1948 to celebrate the victory over the Nazis in World War II. In 1956 Eisenhower’s watch needed a new solid gold bracelet and Rolex delivered to President Eisenhower a new bracelet with a concealed clasp. Soon after, this bracelet became known as the “President” bracelet and the Day Date watch was also nicknamed the “President” watch. Given President Eisenhower’s public love for the watch Rolex officially launched the wristwatch for public sale that year, in 1956 and it became a huge hit.

Rolex introduced a new version of the Day-Date this year, 2008. The new Day-Date watch, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II, has a new 41 cm case, larger than the old 36 cm case. It also features a Parachrom-blu hair-spring and Paraflex shock-absorber which makes it more resistant to shock and magnetism. Prestigious and classy, the Rolex Day-Date is available in white-gold, yellow-gold, rose-gold and platinum and are priced at around $20,000.00 retail or around $8000 from Preowned Rolex watch retailers such as Melrose Jewelers,

Given Rolex’s recent boost in popularity it seems that, once again, America has fallen in love with all items affiliated with the Presidency. Both Barack Obama and John McCain have been seen sporting Rolex watches and as we enter an election period, the Rolex Day Date President may become more popular than ever.

For more about Rolex Watches and fashion current events visit the Rolex Watch Blog at

View a wide selection of Rolex President watches worn by celebrities and available for sale, visit

Melrose Jewelers, , UK’s largest online Rolex retailer, is a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch Collectors), the MJSA (Manufacturers & Jewelers Association of America) and the California Sheriff’s Association. Melrose Jewelers is not an authorized agent or affiliated with Rolex USA, Rolex S.A., or Rolex International. All Rolex watches offered by Melrose Jewelers are Preowned; no new Rolex watches are available from Melrose Jewelers. Rolex Datejust, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Day Date presidential and Rolex Oyster are trademarks of Rolex USA and a list of New Rolex Watch Dealers can be found at the Rolex website. Melrose Jewelers intends to complement the jewelry store offerings of Tiffany’s (NYSE: TIF), Zales (NYSE: ZLC), (NASDAQ: AMZN), Blue Nile UK (NASDAQ: NILE), and Signet (Kay Jewelers & Jared The Galleria) (NYSE: SIG) with Rolex wristwatches. Melrose Jewelers has the world’s largest information and education section guide about Rolex watches found here:

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Songstress Sherrie Keys kicks off the holiday season with free mp3 downloads of Christmas songs on Myspace

Released on: November 3, 2008, 7:10 am

Press Release Author: Chubby Girl Records

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Gospel Songstress Sherrie Keys brings joyous holiday singing and Christmas music to myspace friends.

Press Release Body: Christmas in November? Gospel Songstress Sherrie Keys likes to celebrate the holidays early. The singer is kicking off the holiday season with free mp3 downloads of Christmas music on her myspace page.

“With so many attention-grabbing headlines about the economy, I thought I might capture in song the goodwill often shown during the holidays. The celebration of Christmas inspires us to show Christ-like behavior during challenging times” says Keys.

“Christmas is a wonderful celebration. It’s an opportunity to show our love for God and our love for each other by sharing with someone less fortunate, whether it’s a gift, a toy, a phone call, a food basket or a song”.

The singer has uploaded a holiday favorite “What Child Is This?” to her myspace page. “What Child Is This?” is a popular Christmas carol written in 1865 by William Dix. William Dix has been called a poet of worship. Dix wrote more than 40 hymns including “What Child Is This?” which is set to the traditional English melody of Greensleeves.

Myspace visitors can listen and download a complimentary version of Sherrie Keyssinging “What Child Is This?” on the singer’s myspace page.

About Sherrie Keys: Sherrie Keys is a contemporary gospel recording artist who captivates audiences with her elegant, hauntingly beautiful voice. Armed with a warm spirit, an infectious smile, a generous heart and a passion for missions outreach, Sherrie Keys’ abundant gifts serve as a platform for ministry beyond music.

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Contact Details: 2110 Artesia Blvd. #B406
Redondo Beach, CA 90278