Author and Success Coach Mia Redrick offers program on how to realize your business goals by saving money, as much as 70%, on administrative cost for website development, graphic design, editing, and administrative support that business owners need

Released on: September 1, 2008, 9:55 am

Press Release Author: Author of “Time for mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care and 14 other books”, Success Coach Mia Redrick offers compelling workshop to help business owners reduce operating cost by half – guaranteed.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Pikesville, MD., Save Time and Money! Outsource Your Business is a half day workshop focused on teaching entrepreneurs how to save thousands by Outsourcing in their businesses. Through Mia Redrick’s proven process participants learn how to take their idea for their business and find qualified, affordable and competent support for as little as $5 per hour. The workshop is created for – new business venture, an expanded business, an author, anyone who wants to lower their costs of doing business, someone who wants to design a website or needs extensive graphic work. Participants will leave this information packed workshop with the resources they need to to have the graphic design, web development and support, book layout, editing and administrative support they need to work less and get greater results in their business.

Press Release Body: The Save Time and Money! Outsource Your Business workshop is being offered in Pikesville, Maryland, September 6, 2008 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. The cost is $69 and special “bring a friend” discount pass is available by calling 1-866-226-2607.

Mia Redrick uses her experience with these outsourcing methods as a self-published author of Time for mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care (available on Amazon and in Barnes and Nobles stores across the country) as well as the author of over 14 books, several web communities including Mia’s book, “Time for mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care” is the foundation for Save Time and Money! Outsource Your Business, and details Mia’s expertise as a masterful outsourcer.

The session is focused on what outsourcing is for the independent business owner. Mia will provide a short workshop and then explain how every business owner can benefit from outsourcing. Large corporations have benefited from outsourcing in their businesses for years. Most small business owners don’t know how to use the same strategies to save them $1000 on administrative cost by learning this powerful technique. The session will provide participants with resources that they can implement right away in their businesses to save time and money. Sharing this process is important because most small businesses never take flight because of the cost of doing business.

Each part of the workshop will provide tools that will allow participants to know what resources are available and how to access them as a small and independent business owner. Outsourcing Your Business saves Time and Money! That is what this workshop is all about.

Web Site:

Contact Details: About Finding Definitions Coaching, LLC Mia Redrick, President and Founder of Finding Definitions, LLC, is a success coach working with individuals each year to improve the results that they achieve. Mia has 15+ years sales, training and development experience and has a unique background of time management and work/life balance training and coaching.

Mia Redrick can be reached:
(866)226-2607 announces new lead generation tools for home owners and real estate agents

Released on: September 1, 2008, 6:08 am

Press Release Author: A.Mathpal

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: New website offers many new lead generation tools for home owners and real estate agents to capture more leads then ever before.

Press Release Body: (, a real estate website especially designed for military families, announced today the launch of its redesigned website featuring industry standard tools for home owners, home seekers as well as real estate agents.

“Every year one-third military relocates. This figure crosses 500,000 making it a huge real estate market for many real estate service providers. Relocation order brings a new challenge in daily life, no matter how many times you have relocated in past. You have to start from the ground. Find new home, sell existing one (if owned), relocate and get settled. In this process many service providers work for you but it’s hard to find them when you have limited time. We understand the mess and started to bring home owners, buyers, renters, sellers, real estate professionals on the same ground.”

RSS is a popular format for syndicating information on the internet and provides different RSS feeds for its listings. This can be very useful tool for real estate agents to re-publish their listings in other websites without re-posting. Listings’ RSS feed contain complete listing data with property images. Agents may decide how much information they want to display using these feeds.

There are many RSS to HTML conversion tools available on internet which may convert RSS in simple HTML format, ready for copy and paste.

Home seekers can save search in their favorite rss/news reader, either online or offline. If using desktop RSS reader, internet is required only for updating the feeds, and information will be stored in desktop pc which is accessible even without internet connection.

Realty-Flyer (color flyer) is another eye-catching tool of Just click a button and your flyer’s HTML code is available to you with a permanent link to hosted version of flyer. You may either send the link to your friends, family or colleagues or use the provided “html” code to post your listing in other classifieds website or blog etc.

Printable flyer is old but effective tool to generate leads. provides you printable flyer for offline distribution of property details available for sale/rent.

Virtual Property Show (VPS) is an eye-catching feature of It converts your property images in dynamic virtual show and displays on property details page. Remember, a photo has million words but VPS adds a few more million words value to your photos by converting it in virtual property show.

Google map locator on listing details page helps visitor to locate the property on street map, with option to change view from street to satellite for more live preview.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Calculator is one of the most popular tools of among military. Just input your rank and zip code and it displays your basic allowances for housing with and without dependents in your area. and its network of websites promote property listings to large community of home seekers, which result more leads. It’s a power of RSS and XML feeds which knows how to utilize.

About is a small team of professionals, working hard to provide the best marketing platform to military community for their housing and relocation needs. For more information, please visit

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Contact Details: e-mail:

The Chicago Tibune says: “THE PROFIT TAKER: SOLID ADVICE ON THE STOCK MARKET”. NOW This Top-Ten Best Selling ‘John Wiley’ Financial Author Gives New Book Away.(

Released on: September 1, 2008, 5:51 am

Press Release Author: Professor Don Abrams/Hedge Publisher

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Grow From Middle-Class Poor to ‘Zero Debt’ to Rich in One Year. New free sequel, “The Profit-Taker Equalizer for the Underdog” reveals a proven strategy to grow rich – especially for late starters. It is a blueprint that awakens the self-actualizing quest to live long.



Prof. Smarba, Professor Emeritus of Finance

actualized by

Prof. Don Abrams, author/inventor of the international best-seller, The Profit-Taker: the Proven Rapid Money-Maker in Good and Bad Markets

Press Release Body: NEW YORK, N.Y. (August 31, 2008) – A top-ten best-selling financial author of John Wiley & Sons, New York, is raving mad. John Wiley & Sons is one of the largest and oldest publishers in the world, and the home of such early celebrated authors as Edgar Allan Poe (Tales), James Fenimore Cooper (The Deerslayer), Washington Irving (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and Herman Melville (Moby Dick).

An inspired Wiley editor, Stephen Kippur, guided The Profit-Taker to the status of a listed international best-seller. Now he is president of John Wiley & Sons, publishers.

A richly deserved American success story.

Why is the international best-seller’s sequel being given away?

The author/inventor, Professor Don Abrams and legendary Professor Smarba, Professor Emeritus of Finance are protesting against those who are igniting the free fall of the middle-class poor. The culprits? Those who are fuelling the fire of inflationary prices… from oil to food to textbooks to tuition. Not to mention these scrooge-like ‘credit card interest’ plunderers who constantly pursue our unfortunate victims. This is the naked truth. But truth without action is dead.

Do Abrams and Smarba have a solution? Yes! Unequivocally.

“We don’t have turkeys to hand out, but it has to start somewhere. We recognize the debt we owe for the thunderous acclaim of the first book. To that end, we wish to set an example by being credible and responsible to our book-buying public. We have a reader friendly offer as a remedy. We wish to give back. It makes good marketing sense. It’s good for the middle-class poor and for everyone.”

So for the first time ever, the revolutionary and pre-published sequel to the international best-seller is being given away. Over seven years of work in its creation. Given away. Exactly so. Free! The follow-up, “The Profit-Taker Equalizer for the Underdog: Grow from Middle-Class Poor to ‘Zero Debt’ to Rich in One Year”, is yours – with love.

During these troubled times of risky ventures and banking woes, the financial duo wish to unleash their refreshing, uplifting and unique concept…unencumbered by any cost to the reader, without any strings attached. Simply click on and download the complete full-length manuscript copy of their ‘news breaking book’.


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Contact Details: Professor Smarba

Historical Mystery Features Unsung Heroines of WWII

Released on: September 1, 2008, 5:46 am

Press Release Author: Bast Press

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Bast Press announces the release of a World War II mystery, ‘The Woman in the Wing’. The story features Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and Rosie the Riveters in a fictional suspense thriller set in a wartime defense plant.

Press Release Body: The December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor ended all discussion as to whether the United States would enter World War II. The result brought unexpected changes to America, especially in the lives of women. Two hundred thousand enlisted in the military and twelve million, many who had never worked outside of their homes, took jobs in factories, offices, and as civilian workers on military bases.

The new supply of labor brought unprecedented increases in, among other things, airplane and ship production. Eighty-five hundred planes a month rolled out of factories, twice the number previously manufactured in an entire year. Women factory workers collectively referred to as ‘Rosie the Riveter’ built many of those planes. An even lesser known fact, both then and today, is that more than half of those aircraft arrived at their destination ferried by civilian women of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, the WASP.

In ‘The Woman in the Wing’, a suspense thriller, Charlotte Mercer is a WASP trainee who hopes to fly for her country. Charlotte’s career nearly ends before it begins when an army major removes her from training after she refuses his proposition to do something other than fly. Ordered to work at a defense plant with the FBI, she meets her new riveting partner, agent Eleanor Frazier. Char’s job description changes from pilot to Rosie the Riveter to undercover agent after a ring of German spies. The dedicated pilot never gives up hope of earning her silver wings, even as she makes a perilous flight of her own with a Nazi demolitions expert holding a gun to the back of her head.

‘The Woman in the Wing’/ISBN: 978-0-9723541-6-5/268 pages/Trade Paperback/$14.95

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Contact Details: Bast Press

LITMOS: The Next Big Thing

Released on: September 1, 2008, 5:42 am

Press Release Author: Tim Skellern, Black Sheep Brands,

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Media Release for Litmos, an emerging New Zealand SaaS product. Litmos is an on-demand platform to easily deliver training online.

Press Release Body: Much like our athletes in Beijing, New Zealand tech companies continue to punch well above their weight on the world stage. You only have to think of success stories like Navman, Xero and Virtual Spectator to appreciate what happens when you take a healthy dose of Kiwi spirit, ingenuity and sheer hard-work and apply it to the software market. LITMOS is the heir apparent to the title “New Zealand’s next big software success”. Currently filming the TV reality show Start-Up TV, LITMOS is turning heads on the global IT stage. In a nutshell, LITMOS is an on-line training company that seems to have successfully found a way to not only simplify the on-line training environment, but to do so in such a way that engages the end-user and trainer. Most attempts to transfer training on-line stumble because they require huge resources to manage, are impersonal and fiendishly complicated to use. LITMOS has changed all that with a simple interface that does not require additional software installations to run (as a trainer you upload your content and LITMOS takes care of the rest) and that engages users with an interactive experience that fully utilises the web 2.0 environment.

Their approach has earned them the opportunity to star in a Start-Up reality show to screen on TVNZ profiling New Zealand start up companies in which start-ups are pitched one against the other to help identify and support the next big thing in the New Zealand software world. The winning company is rewarded with unprecedented public exposure for a new start up, but also the chance to pitch for a global market launch in Silicon Valley, USA.

From an initial line up of over 100 hopefuls, LITMOS has made it through to the final rounds and is in with a chance to go for the big prize. Already it has signed up new customers with Telnet, Safe Access New Zealand, and Learning Takeaway utilising their services, but they will only know if that is enough to impress the judges on September 11th when they make the final decisions.

LITMOS founder and CEO, Rich Chetwynd: “It’s an exciting time for LITMOS. Participating in the TV show has forced the pace, made us accelerate the market validation stages of our development, and given us the kick we needed to push on. We’ve known from the outset that our idea was a good one, and had an intuitive feel for what would be needed to make on-line training a serious alternative to face to face training. Being in the programme has forced us to address a lot of the execution issues that turn the good idea into a good business. We’ve had access to fabulous advice from our mentors and have really focused our thinking along the way. Regardless of whether we win the top prize, the work that we have done to get this far has put us in a great position to achieve our market place success.”

Whether LITMOS does indeed win first prize will be determined by the panel of judges that include some of the top names in the NZ software industry – Richard MacManus (ReadWriteWeb); Tim Norton (PlanHQ); and Andrew Hamilton (The ICEHOUSE). The progress of the competing entries will be tracked during the filming of the TV show, with the winner announced when Start-Up TV is due to go to air on TV One in October. One thing’s for sure, LITMOS is yet another bright example of exactly the kind of world leading initiatives that young Kiwi software firms are capable of. The success of LITMOS and their contempories will play a critical role in defining the shape of the New Zealand economy into the future.

For more information please contact:
Richard Chetwynd, Litmos – +64 (0) 21 807 715 or
Tim Skellern, Black Sheep Brands – +64 (0) 21 324 863 or Website:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rich Chetwynd
24 Queens Parade
North Shore City 0624
New Zealand
Ph: +64 (0)21807715

Dental Directory Marketing Maximizes New Patients for Dentists

Released on: September 1, 2008, 5:24 am

Press Release Author: The Wealthy Dentist

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Internet dental marketing can help dentists survive hard times. Dental consultant Jim Du Molin discussed dentist websites and find-a-dentist portals.

Press Release Body: Dentists do more than just practice dentistry; they also struggle to keep their dental practices financially healthy. To aid in this goal, dental marketing expert Jim Du Molin has introduced a series of no-charge video tutorials entitled “The Nine Truths of Internet Dental Marketing.” Truth #7, “Internet Dental Marketing: New Dental Patients Fast,” is now available online (

The seventh segment of the series shows dentists how to close the Internet directory circle by building online doctor profiles that convert the maximum number of consumers to actual new patient appointments. Designing an online dental profile that will attract the maximum results is critical to any Internet dental marketing campaign.

Practices can double their Internet marketing results by building a dental directory search profile. There are literally hundreds of dental directories on the Internet. Unfortunately, only a few of them actually generate valid, qualified new patients. By choosing the right service, dentists can reach a massive market of potential patients. For example, maintains 15 Internet dental information website centers; member doctors share up to 25,000 requests for a doctor each month.

“If you want to be sure to close the appointment request, make a new patient offer,” advises Du Molin. “It doesn’t need to be much, just a token savings for a first-time new patient.” If offering a small discount leads to a larger total profit, then it’s a good investment.

A doctor or dental practice profile should contain all relevant information, including where the practice is located and what services are offered. The best profiles will contain even more details. Dentists can consider adding a photo, credentials, driving directions, and payment options.

The next segment of the 9 Truths series will be released shortly. Entitled “Dental Marketing for Fast Profits & Major ROI Results,” Truth 8 explores how internet dental directory listings can increase a dental practice’s visibility and profitability.

To receive the complete series, visit to register at no cost. Internet Dental Alliance members also receive access to additional information on dental website development.


Jim Du Molin is founder of dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. He understands dental practice management from his work as a dental consultant, and now devotes himself full-time to Internet dental website marketing.

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Contact Details: Jim Du Molin
The Wealthy Dentist
PO Box 1220
Tiburon CA 94920