Boots sees pollen explosion sweep the country as hayfever strikes


Released on: June 30, 2008, 7:39 am

Press Release Author: Boots the Chemists

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Boots report massive increase in the number of hayfever sufferers as a pollen explosion sweeps the country

Press Release Body: The sudden surge in symptoms may be due to the pollen season starting later than usual and coinciding with the grass pollen season, spelling double trouble for hayfever sufferers, according to Boots.

To help combat the watery eyes, runny noses and nasal congestion suffered by three out of five people in the UK, Boots is offering a free Haymax Organic Pollen Barrier balm with every hayfever product purchase.

Haymax is an organic drug-free balm that when rubbed around the nose offers an effective barrier against pollen, helping to stop it entering the nose and helping to reduce sneezing.

Angela Chalmers, Boots Pharmacist, said, “I’ve see a large number of people asking about hayfever recently. It seems to be a bigger problem every year and it seems to be affecting more people in their 30s and 40s who have never had it before. With so many different hayfever remedies on the market I would recommend that anyone who is suffering speaks to their pharmacist about which treatment would be best for them.”

Hayfever is an adverse reaction to pollen, which can result in troublesome symptoms of sneezing, stuffy, blocked noses, itching in the throat and nose and watery, itchy eyes.

Surprisingly it is not just people in rural areas that suffer, as a dramatic increase in sales of hayfever remedies in urban areas over the last couple of years has shown. Known as ‘greyfever’ this is likely to be down to environmental pollution in towns and cities causing trees to produce excess pollen.

Some experts believe that the increase in diesel cars may be helping to fuel the rise. Professor Jean Emberlin of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit believes that it may be the hydrocarbons in diesel that affect the proteins in allergens.

Angela Chalmers has some handy hayfever hints to help sufferers beat the symptoms:
– Wearing large sunglasses to reduce pollen affecting the eyes
– Keeping windows closed in the early morning and late afternoon
– Washing hair before going to bed to remove any pollen collected throughout the day
– Taking off clothes that have been worn outside before going into the bedroom
– Avoiding hanging washing outside when the pollen levels are high

About Boots
Boots is the UK’s leading retailer of health products also providing health information.

Boots Pharmacy Superintendent is responsible for healthcare advice provided in relation to Pharmacy medicines and other healthcare advice located within the Boots Pharmacy pages of is the trading name of Direct Limited (VAT no. 116 3001 29) an Alliance Boots company. All other information and advice on is the responsibility of Direct Limited.

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Realitalia Lifestyle Solutions Make Your Tuscan Dreams Come True in The Land of Andrea Bocelli

Released on: June 30, 2008, 6:09 am

Press Release Author: Gabriella Sannino

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: Nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany lined with olive trees and grapevines lies the enchanting town of Lajatico. This charming Italian setting is the background of Realitalia’s latest project, Ville degli Olivi.

Press Release Body: With stunning panoramic views of cultivated olive orchards and nearby villages, Ville degli Olivi is an exceptional opportunity for anyone who wants to experience the wonders and convenience of the undiscovered Tuscan countryside while being within a 1 minute walk to the sights and sounds of Lajatico’s main square.

Realitalia’s Director, Luca Catalano is delighted to present the company’s first offering in the area, saying, “It is exceptional to be able to enjoy such a proximity to an historical center but at the same time to have the advantage of such a large olive orchard with uninterrupted view over the fields.”

Lajatico is the home of famed cross-over classical singer, Andrea Bocelli. Thanks to a collaboration between Realitalia and Andrea’s brother, architect Alberto Bocelli, the conversion of this rustic building into 5 panoramic apartments and the construction of three additional townhouses will combine the highest dedication of conservation with the same attention to detail and convenience found in all Realitalia projects.

Realitalia creates intelligently designed homes with hidden technology and comfortable amenities that help owners enjoy their homes in ways they never dreamed possible. They offer the unique opportunity to enjoy the freedom of Italian culture with the exclusive privilege of the Realitalia Lifestyle Solutions. This specialty program includes on-site rental management for those who wish to let their home when it is unoccupied. Realitalia takes the stress out of owning a home in the Italian countryside so owners can truly experience the culture, culinary delights, and world-renowned wines Italy has to offer them.

Lajatico is a lovely medieval village in an undiscovered, yet easily accessible Tuscany where every dramatic view looks like the background of a Michaelangelo or DaVinci painting. Resting just 30 minutes from the Pisa airport, it is the perfect base from which to explore the cultural wonders of Italy. As a lesser known region of Tuscany, Lajatico’s sandy, winding streets and olive-dotted hills offer the perfect balance between serene privacy and the flurry of Tuscan cultural activity. The Tuscan Riviera is about a thirty minute drive away. Closer to home are the beautiful historic villages of Chianni, and Volterra, with Lajatico resting in the center of the Tuscan triangle of Pisa, Florence, and Siena.

Realitalia is focused on the beauty, elegance, lifestyle solutions of its properties and promotes culturally recognized centers of Italy. Tuscany is known for its fine art museums, intricate architecture, and regional foods. This artistic tradition continues each year at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. This stunning landscape theater is the site of an annual festival where Andrea Bocelli returns home to perform with other word famous artists. For more information:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Realitalia
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Luca Catalano (Mr)
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Dall’Italia 010 372 5624
Fax +44 (0)20 7117 12 82
Realitalia is a member of the UKGBC (UK Green Building Council) and NAEA (The National Association of Estate Agents)

Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry Launches Its Enhanced Website


Released on: June 29, 2008, 5:26 am

Press Release Author: Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Smile South Florida launches its enhanced dental website through the power of content management and integrated web log (blog).

Press Release Body: Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is announcing the launch of its enhanced website. The new website provides current patients, prospective patients, and readers with information about the various dental procedures and services that Smile South Florida offers its Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, national, and international patient base. To visit its new and enhanced website, go to

Unlike several other dental practice websites, Smile South Florida provides visitors a photo smile gallery of its actual patients. All photographs on Smile South Florida’s website is that of its own patients, rather than stock photographs of models. The smile gallery has a vast collection of patient before and after photos with a variety of dental conditions and treatments discussed.

In addition, the Smile South Florida website’s content is fresh, expansive, and written specifically by or for Smile South Florida. The dental content is organized in a manner to help the viewer get the information they need in a timely manner. The Smile South Florida Blog is integrated into the website’s content management system to aide it in providing content to the viewer fast and efficiently. To visit its blog, go to

The creation of this advanced content management system (CMS) with integrated weblog was not an individual manifestation. It was the collective efforts of Alex Nottingham, Benek Designs, Sinai Marketing, and Jenotek.

Mr. Nottingham, Smile South Florida’s Operations Consultant, organized the team, managed the project’s development, and faciliated the training and implementation process for Smile South Florida.

Benek Lisefski is a creative web designer and developer working from Auckland, New Zealand. He created for Smile South Florida a simple, beautiful interface design with clean, search-engine friendly XHTML and CSS code. Check out his design portfolio at

Sinai Marketing is a first class search engine optimization (SEO) company. They used code-efficiency optimization techniques, along with high quality link building methods to place Smile South Florida high on the search engines. Learn more about Sinai Marketing at

Jenotek is a software and web development company. Its lead progammer, Matt Heckmann, aided Smile South Florida in the customization of its HTML/PHP coding, hosting of its websites, and management of its domains. Visit to get a list of Jenotek’s services.

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Contact Details: Visit our Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton Office. (866) 888-4011

Hollywood Celebrities Opt for Cosmetic Dentistry


June 29, 2008, 5:17 am

Press Release Author: Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Even flawless Hollywood celebrities need help from cosmetic dentistry. Here are a few of the most recent celebs to take a “bite” out of cosmetic dentistry!

Press Release Body: Hollywood A-Lister’s Still Need a Little Help from Their Neighborhood Cosmetic Dentists

With so much film, media, and magazine exposure these days, Hollywood celebrities are zero-ing in on making every aspect of their physical exterior an image of perfection. Their smiles are certainly no exception!

Advances in technology over the past years have allowed dentists to create flawless grins for people, while still looking and feeling natural. These celebrity smiles can range from a few thousand dollars for a minor adjustment, to the extreme makeover cases of $50,000 or more for their toothy treasures.

And while some celebrities use their signature snaggle-teeth to their advantage, in most cases their new cosmetic dental work is a vast improvement as they jolt into super stardom. Here are a few examples of some celebrities that had smile makeovers:

(1) Elliot Yamin
Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This past American Idol contestant was once known for two things. An amazing voice, and terrible teeth. Now, with the help of cosmetic dentistry and over $50,000 in porcelain veneers, his career has soared into an oblivion of success. Now, when we see him in his videos and performances, his fabulous voice is accompanied by a celebrity smile.

(2) Miley Cyrus
Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This “Hannah Montana” superstar is idolized by kids and their parents alike. She is considered the next generation of media moguls that is taking our world by storm. Once she began gaining popularity in her show and concerts, she opted to make the switch to a more sightly smile. She is believed to have gotten veneers and a surgery to elongate the teeth and fix the “gummy smile” look.

(3) George Clooney
Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, and Crown Lengthening

This self-proclaimed lifelong bachelor once made a joke about getting surgery done on his eyes to make him look younger. It seems like his teeth were a more immediate concern for both aesthetic and physical reasons. As quoted by Dr. Abenaim (, he believes that Clooney was a tooth grinder which was one cause for the actor to seek a cosmetic change. Aside from the veneers, the Dr. also suggests that Clooney had crown lengthening surgery, a surgical procedure done that brings the gumline up to expose more teeth. This work is estimated at anywhere from $30,000-35,000. Now we love you even more Georgie!

(4) Keith Urban
Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

Before his days of super stardom and being the arm candy for gorgeous wife Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s teeth were far from perfect. Doctor’s believe that Urban had porcelain veneers placed over his choppers to create a far more pleasing effect. He had what dentist’s refer to a diastema, or large space between his teeth. While the veneers have improved his look, his dentist did a good job creating a natural look and left a little signature gap in the front.

(5) Katherine Heigl
Smile Makeover Method: Invisalign®

When it came to looking beautiful for her on screen wedding in 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl didn’t need to do much. For her own wedding, Heigl complained that she did not want to wed with crooked teeth. She decided to opt for Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners that are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces. As of April 2008, 730,000 patients have completed, or are currently in Invisalign treatment.

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Claire Pettibone Releases Butterflies


Released on: June 26, 2008, 2:47 pm

Press Release Author: Guy Toley

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary: Los Angeles designer Claire Pettibone launches a new daywear collection of exclusive print panties, camis and slips called Butterflies by Claire Pettibone.

Press Release Body: Los Angeles designer Claire Pettibone launches a new daywear collection of exclusive print panties, camis and slips called Butterflies by Claire Pettibone.

The perfect fit thong was given a sneak peak to the A-list guests of the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on May 30th in Los Angeles. Guests such as Demi Moore, Katherine Heigl, Eva Mendes, Kate Walsh, Anna Getty and Chrysalis charity founder Rebecca Gayheart received the Butterfly thong. “We heard about the Butterfly Ball, and thought there couldn’t be a more perfect venue to introduce our Butterflies!” said company president Guy Toley.

The collection consists of four panty styles: low rise thong, regular rise thong, bikini and hipster boyshort. A camisole, tank, babydoll and chemise round out the collection. What makes Butterflies so special is the patent-pending technique in which the garments are seamlessly printed on the fabric and lace trimmings in a continuous design. “We perfected the fit first, and then created beautiful prints, so it’s almost like wearing a little piece of art”, says designer Claire Pettibone. Retail prices range from $24.00 for the thongs, $38 for boyshorts, $68 for camisoles, and $110 for chemises. They also offer basic solid colors with the signature Butterfly logo applied in crystals. For the finishing touch, the panties can be ordered in a “Butterfly Roll” in which the panty is rolled and tied with a net bow resembling a butterfly.

The collection debuts at 16 Neiman Marcus doors for a soft launch this month, and then rolls out to all doors for the fall season beginning in August. In addition to department stores, the collection is being offered to specialty boutiques across the country, and was just picked up by Fred Segal. The collection will make it’s official launch at the CurveNY Designer Lingerie & Swim Show in New York at the Jacob Javitz Center August 3-5.


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Contact Details: For press inquiries,
please contact:
Lauren Clements
323-634-1929 x100

MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program Provides Newspapers & Magazines with a New Way to Acquire National Advertisers


Released on: June 27, 2008, 10:24 am

Press Release Author: MediaBids

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary:, the Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, announced today that its revolutionary response-based print advertising program continues to grow by offering a non-conventional revenue source to newspapers and magazines during these difficult times for the print industry. Mediabids’ Per-Inquiry Advertising program provides newspapers and magazines with a unique way to acquire print advertising revenue from new, national, direct-response advertisers who have traditionally devoted most of their budgets to online advertising.

Press Release Body: Since 2003, MediaBids has been working to make buying and selling print advertising easier. Its website,, has provided a unique marketplace for publications and advertisers to interact, using online tools to buy and sell print advertising space. As a result of growing demand by advertisers for a print advertising system that combines an easier way to place ads with a results-driven payment structure, MediaBids developed its Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program.

MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry (PI) Print Advertising Program enables newspapers and magazines to run ads from a select group of national advertisers simply by filling out a form on the MediaBids website. These advertisers pay for their print advertising on a Per-Inquiry basis – meaning there is a fixed dollar amount they will pay for each lead or sale generated from their ads placed in newspapers & magazines. Current advertisers available for publications to choose from include: Vonage, Dish Network, Walkfit, Allcare, Tronix Country, Moscow Ballet, Inches-A-Weigh, Associated Tax Relief and more – a full list can be seen here:

MediaBids delivers creative to the publication for the requested advertiser – each ad has a response-tracking mechanism in place and publications are provided with reporting information. Currently, MediaBids has over 1,300 publications nationwide placing advertisements on a per-response basis.

“I have been extremely pleased with the Per-Inquiry ad program offered by MediaBids. It’s a fantastic way to create advertising revenue, as well as give our newspaper a continuing stream of new advertisers that come from efforts outside the traditional methods we use,” says Dave Gwiazdon, Associate Publisher, The Sacramento Union.

“We’ve worked with thousands of print advertisers over the years who have echoed the same sentiment – it’s not the medium, it’s the method. Our advertisers love print advertising, some just don’t love the conventional way of buying. That’s where we hope our Per-Inquiry Advertising Program will come in – providing advertisers with a program that pairs tracking capabilities and a results-based payment structure with a medium that can deliver a unique level of response, branding and engagement,” says Jedd Gould, President,

Publications and advertisers can learn more about MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry Advertising Program by visiting:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Jessica Lampron
MediaBids, Inc.
448 Main St.
Winsted, CT 06098

New York’s leading trial attorney Nicholas Papain awarded with the Presidency of New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA)


Released on: June 27, 2008, 9:44 am

Press Release Author: CEPAC – Lawyer Marketing

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary: Leading personal injury trial attorney of Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath & Cannavo, P.C takes over as President of New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA)

Press Release Body: New York City, Nicholas Papain, the Managing Partner of New York’s leading personal injury law firm Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath & Cannavo, P.C takes over as the President of New York State Trial Lawyers Association. He took over the position from Mr. Jeff S. Korek of Gersowitz, Libo & Korek. Mr. Nicholas was sworn in as the 41st President of the association yesterday.

Nick as he commonly known is famed for his successful defense of New York State in its action against tobacco companies. Mr. Nicholas played a vital role in representing the State of New York in front of National arbitration panel. The State of New York won $25 billion verdict in its favor. Mr. Nicholas Papain is a well know trial attorney in New York who specializes in negligence and product liability law. He has worked hard and has helped the injured in seeking justice and have fought against those how knowingly harmed innocent people.While speaking at the occasion Mr. Nicholas said that he felt privileged to take over as the President of the Association and was ready to face the challenges and the responsibility vested in him by the members of the Association. He added, “I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure the rights of everyday New Yorkers are vigilantly guarded.”


Michael Gianaris, assembly member remarked on the appointment of Mr. Nicholas Papain of Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath & Cannavo, P.C, as the President of New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association by saying “I have known Nick Papain for many years and am confident that he is more than up to the task. I wish him the best of luck.”

As the Managing Partner of Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath & Cannavo, P.C., one of the largest personal injury law firm, Nicholas Papain looks after the working of 35 attorneys and 65 support staff of his personal injury firm and have vigorously looked after the rights of injured New Yorkers. Now with his new position as the President of the Association and with 4000 state wide member of New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association, Nicholas Papain’s aim of protecting individual’s rights of the residents of New York State can be aggressively fulfilled.

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Contact Details: New York State Trial Lawyers Association
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Phone: (212) 349-5890
Fax: (212) 608-2310

Alan Boswell Group secures hotel insurance deal with Ramada Encore


Released on: June 27, 2008, 7:26 am

Press Release Author: Alan Boswell Group

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: The Alan Boswell Group has secured a deal to provide New World Hotel Operations with extensive insurance as they develop hotels under the Ramada Encore hotel brand

Press Release Body: The Alan Boswell Group, one of the UK’s leading regional insurance brokers and independent financial advisers, has secured a deal with New World Hotel Operations to provide insurance for the company as they develop and operate multiple hotels under the Ramada Encore hotel brand.

New World is currently converting former offices at the NEC in Birmingham into a 166 room hotel and Alan Boswell Group has arranged a policy to cover the refurbishment including the buildings, property owner’s liability and advance loss of revenue. Further hotel insurance cover will be implemented for the hotel operation itself, upon completion.

First approached by New World Hotel Operations in September of 2007, the Alan Boswell Group was asked to arrange insurance for the Ramada Encore Haydock, a newly built 102 room hotel located between Manchester and Liverpool. Despite competition from other brokers, Alan Boswell Group‘s highly competitive, but comprehensive programme – underwritten by a global insurer – secured them the deal.

The successful implementation of the programme has led to the Alan Boswell Group securing deals to provide hospitality insurance for New World Hotel Operations’ series of new hotels, coming soon to cities including Glasgow, Cambridge, Crewe and Barnsley.

Jon Preston, Account Executive in Alan Boswell Group’s hospitality insurance division is very pleased with the deal secured with New World: “We were delighted to be appointed as insurance brokers to New World Hotel Operations and to be involved with their exciting plans to develop and operate hotels under the prestigious Ramada Encore brand. Over the last few years we’ve made a considerable investment in building up our expertise in the hospitality and leisure sectors. The New World arrangement is the one of a series of recent high profile deals where our commitment to finding the right business insurance solutions for our clients has paid off.”

Gordon Cutler, Director of New World Hotel Operations Limited, also commented on the recent collaboration with the Alan Boswell Group: “We appointed Alan Boswell Group as our insurance brokers on the basis of highly competitive terms quoted for hotel insurance cover on the Encore Haydock and the professional but personal service offered. We have been impressed by their ability to work quickly with insurers and our various partners on these complex projects to make sure that the cover provided exactly meets the requirements of all concerned.”

About Alan Boswell Group:
Alan Boswell Group is one of the UK’s leading regional insurance brokers and independent financial advisers with over 150 staff based in Norwich, Attleborough and Bury St Edmunds. Alan Boswell Group is a founder member of the Institute of Insurance Brokers. We’re also members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and offer a range of services, from landlords insurance and business insurance to investment advice and mortgages.

About New World hotel Operations Ltd:
New World Hotel Operations is a hotel development and management company which has a franchise from Wyndham Hotel Group to develop and operate multiple hotels in the UK under the Ramada Encore brand. Wyndham Hotel Group, is part of Wyndham Worldwide, and provides nearly 6,500 hotels and 541,000 hotel rooms on six continents. New World is involved in various joint ventures with major contractors and developers, involving building or re-developing hotels for the Ramada Encore brand.

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Contact Details: Alan Boswell PR Contact:
Amy Duckworth
Alan Boswell Group
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01603 216383

Harley Medical Group reports cosmetic surgery market defies credit crunch


Released on: June 27, 2008, 3:40 am

Press Release Author: Harley Medical Group

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Harley Medical Group reports abdomnoplasty boom amongst women despite the credit crunch

Press Release Body: The Harley Medical Group has announced that despite the credit crunch, the cosmetic surgery market is continuing to grow at a rate of 35% year on year as Brits continue to invest in themselves. In the City, Leeds and Cheshire demand is particularly high with the silhouette slimming abdomnoplasty (tummy tuck) seeing a 59% increase in popularity.

Figures released by the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group, reveal business is still booming. The growth has been seen throughout The Harley Medical Group’s 22 clinics across the UK, with its City based clinic being completely booked out and showing no sign of tightened purse strings within the country’s financial epicentre.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, commented: “It’s interesting to see what people cut back on during a credit crunch. Research amongst our patients has shown that despite cutting back across all other areas including: holidaying in the UK this summer instead of travelling abroad; delaying moving house and non-essential purchases, people are not cutting back on the money they spend on themselves.”

She continued, “We encourage all our patients to think long and hard about their surgery and so for many who are undertaking an abdomnoplasty, a breast enlargement or a bletharoplasty, this is something they’ve planned for, for years. For this reason, they’re unlikely to want to now put this off and instead they consider their procedure to be an investment.”

Demand across all procedures has increased since 2007 with abdomnoplasty having the strongest rise of 59%. Surgeons at The Harley Medical Group have also spotted new trends amongst their patients of how they’re using surgery, particularly liposuction, to tackle specific problem areas:

– Bingo Wings – the area under the arms
– Bra Bulges – the fat deposits on the back along the bra line
– Thigh Boxing – occurs when the inner thighs rub together
– Knee Saddles – fatty deposits above the knees

One of The Harley Medical Group’s 32 surgeons and Physicians, Dr Fratti, commented: “Traditionally Liposuction was used mainly on the stomach and outer thigh area. Increasingly patients are requesting the procedure for other areas such as the under arms and above the knee which in part explains the increase in demand.” Liposuction isn’t however suitable for the very overweight, instead it is intended for the removal of stubborn fat.

Findings from patient data and enquiries show no sign of demand slowing down and reveal significant increases in demand over the past 12 months:

Surgical procedure increases:
– Tummy tucks 59%
– Breast surgery 40%
– Bletharoplasty 24%
– Rhinoplasty 27%
– Liposuction 9%

Non surgical procedure increases:
Botox 51%
– Dermal fillers 40%
Laser hair removal 26%

– Ends –

About The Harley Medical Group
The Harley Medical Group has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. In 2004, The Harley Medical Group’s Chairman Mel Braham, at the request of the Department of Health became a member of the department’s Steering Committee, set up to oversee the introduction of new regulations covering the entire Cosmetic Surgery sector. All of The Harley Medical Group’s clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission.

To date, The Harley Medical Group has performed over 350,000 treatments and will open its 25th clinic this year.

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Contact Details: The Harley Medical Group PR Contact:
Michelle Lowery
Rain Communications UK
2 Greycoat Place
020 7222 4345

Kuoni Travel announce increase in Maldives bookings despite the credit crunch


Released on: June 27, 2008, 2:02 am

Press Release Author: Kuoni Travel

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Kuoni Travel, the UK’s foremost long haul travel operator, announce a rise in the number of Britons enjoying luxury holidays to the Maldives, despite the ongoing credit crunch

Press Release Body: Kuoni Travel has announced that the first six months of 2008 saw a 28% rise in the number of people enjoying luxury holidays in the Maldives, compared to the same time period in 2007, despite the UK presently suffering under the strain of a credit crunch.

The popularity of Maldives holidays continues to grow, with these luxury holidays seemingly unaffected by the UK’s changing financial landscape. Kuoni Travel‘s recent developments to improve the usability of their website, most notably the addition of a wide choice of video guides, have no doubt helped maintain the Maldives’ status as their most successful destination.

Indeed, Kuoni travel videos have helped many holiday makers gain an insight into several of the top destinations around the world, not just the Maldives, helping travellers to get to know their chosen destination before setting foot on a plane.

“The Maldives is one of the destinations which have not been affected by the current economic climate,” commented Kuoni’s eBusiness Director, Matt Rooke. “In fact, with it’s ‘no-news’ tranquillity and natural beauty, it is the ideal destination to escape from press coverage of the economy.”

The Maldives videos available online from Kuoni have certainly helped encourage a number of people to visit this tropical haven, with footage of beautiful sandy beaches giving way to sparkling, blue sea, with a host of tropical fish and stunning coral lurking beneath the waves.

“The videos not only highlight the stunning scenery of the Maldives, but also provide potential travellers with a fantastic tool to review the wide choice of hotels available on the different islands,” said Rooke. “From indulgent, luxury resorts such as Baros, to the more modest, but no less beautiful, resort of Kuramathi Cottage & Spa we offer a wide choice of Maldives hotels and are confident that the videos help our customers to find the one that’s perfect for their personal holiday needs”.

About Kuoni Travel
With more than 100 years of expertise, Kuoni is honoured to be regularly voted as the industry’s long haul experts. Clients can choose from a selection of more than 25 superb brochures, showcasing thousands of luxury holidays to hundreds of exotic destinations on six continents, and covering every holiday interest from relaxing beach getaways to escorted cultural tours, overseas weddings to wildlife safaris.

Web Site:

Contact Details: PR Contact:
Anne-Marie Hansen
Public Relations Manager
Kuoni House
Tel: +44 (0)1306 744173