Kosmix changes direction, follows Mahalo and NosyJoe

Kosmix, best known as aР’В vertical search engine for medical information that launched in 2006, is now changing direction and shifts from vertical to a horizontal search engine. Р’В They have also raised a whopping amount of cash – over $25 million from Accel, Lightspeed and Cambrian Ventures as well as private investors including Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon.com) and Bill Miller of Legg Mason Funds. Kosmix now wants to use their search engine to create a “Home Page for Every Topic” as they claim. Their strategy is to create a series of targeted topic pages with relevant links, groups, and media. The pages are not only easily indexable by Google, but can easily generate new pages around a topic by typing a phrase into their search engine. It seems part Mahalo, part vertical search engine. Their first such vertical, health search, has been up for some time and currently does around 2.5 million visits and 9 million searches a month.

CalacanisРІР‚в„ўs Mahalo.com (3750 pages indexed) and NosyJoe.com (170,000 pages indexed) both are leading the way start up search engines try utilizing the power of the major search engines to tap into the organic traffic and Kosmix seems to be also adopting their successful models. In our view Kosmix is conceptually closer positioned to Mahalo than to NosyJoe but the second appears better to us in terms of easily indexable pages by Google.

Yet undisputable leaders in the SEO remain both Wikipedia.org and LinkedWords.com with its major contextual platform. About.com is also an old player in the sector.

Kosmix has also been working on other verticals as well, listing autos, politics, finance, travel, entertainment and video games as their other categories. They hope to scale up to ever more verticals and then connect them together under one search box that picks the right vertical for the page.

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