Cuill, yet another over-hyped stealth search engine

Few months since the unreasonable hype about Powerset begun, we are witnessing the formation of yet another over hyped and buzzed stealth search engine in the Silicon Valley – Cuill (should be pronounced “cool or kool”).

Their claims are kinda boostful and among others the company claims it can index web pages significantly faster and cheaper than Google can – Cuill has told potential investors that their indexing costs will be 1/10th of Google’s, based on new search architectures and relevance methods.

However, one thing must be admitted here, the start up is being backed up by a few search industry professionals, some of them are even ex-Google search experts .

An interesting part of the rumors around the company is the fact that, according some sources, Google has paid some attention to the project and potential acquisition is also rumored!

Cuill is supposedly set to launch some time in 2008, although they very well might be acquired , some blogs claim so, well before the public gets to see what they are up to.

Other promising and interesting stealth mode search engines are:,, MyLiveSearch (also kinda over-hyped and should be out of private beta by now), Digger, Mahalo and more…

More search engines in closed beta can be found at the Alt Search Engines’ blog:

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