Test Equipment Connection Corporation Announces Distribution Sales Agreement with Rohde & Schwarz


Released on = May 31, 2007, 7:59 am

Press Release Author = Phil Vogel Business Development Manager

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Lake Mary, FL U.S.A. – May 31, 2007 —Test Equipment Connection Corporation today announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive U.S. distribution relationship with Rohde & Schwarz, an industry-leading manufacturer of test and measurement (T&M) equipment.

Press Release Body = Test Equipment Connection will distribute a wide array of Rohde & Schwarz instruments, including the FSH Series hand-held spectrum analyzers, FSL Series spectrum analyzers, SML Series signal generators, power meters, and accompanying software.

About Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz is an independent group of companies specializing in electronics. It is a leading supplier of solutions in the fields of test and measurement, broadcasting, radio monitoring and radiolocation as well as secure communications. Established more than 70 years ago, Rohde & Schwarz has a global presence and a dedicated service network in more than 70 countries. It has about 6,900 employees and achieved net revenue of $1.3 billion in the past fiscal year. Company headquarters are in Munich, Germany. More information about Rohde & Schwarz can be found at www.rohde-schwarz.com.

About Test Equipment Connection Corporation
Test Equipment Connection Corporation is the world’s largest vendor/dealer of used and new electronic test and measurement (“T&M”) equipment. Test Equipment Connection sells, rents, leases, buys and repairs over 40 different T&M equipment manufacturers, with an in-house calibration laboratory assuring that customers receive only the highest quality test and measurement equipment, services and support. The Company is a single source for a variety of T&M instrumentation with over 200,000 customers, a 45,000 square foot warehouse and repair facility, and over 14 years of profitability and financial strength. More information about Test Equipment Connection Corporation can be found at www.testequipmentconnection.com

Web Site = http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/

Contact Details = For more information contact:
Phil Vogel

Test Equipment Connection Corporation
30 Skyline Drive
Lake Mary, FL 32746 U.S.A.
Tel: (407) 804-1299
Fax: (407) 804-1277
Tel: (800) 615-8378
Fax (800) 819-TEST

LMLA-ink Stuntmen Metofeaz Litigatti and Jon Le Mac close to collapsing house of cards!

Released on = May 31, 2007, 12:18 am

Press Release Author = John Reyer Afamasaga (LMLA-ink)

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = …”Imagine what Rupert Murdoch wouldРІР‚в„ўve said, ah?”

Press Release Body = Hot on the heels of snaring Rudy CeceraРІР‚в„ўs enthusiastic agreement to script John Lazoo, the Stage Play, IРІР‚в„ўve decided to divulge this story in aid of keeping any integrity I may have left, and also of allowing me to hold onto my press pass for future concerts I may want to enter for free.

Yes, they just about shot themselves in the feet. He fronted, as a favor I asked of him on top of the $15 he pays me per press release. As he shut the door he said, “Yes, Jimmy – what can I make up for you today, a coffee or a story, ah?”

Talking to John Reyer Afamasaga, it’s hard to believe that 48 hours ago he came close to collapsing the house of cards that he, Lazoo, Metofeaz, and Le Mac have built. “Yeah,” he said, “I’ll have to have words with Metofeaz and Le Mac. Maybe take their DVD & TV rights off them – something like that.”

Only I know because I was there.

Their ad on craigslist.org for a Hollywood writer to script WIPEWORLDWIDE, the screenplay of WIPE, quickly yielded two replies. The one which caught their eye was from a hardworking screenwriter whose work has been optioned in Germany. They Googled “Julian Philips”, and at the top of the list appeared a link to a FoxNews presenter of the same name. They wrote a piece, had it proofed, and advised their business broker of a coup and the headline that could well have sealed their fate: “LMLA-ink Click with Former FoxNews Presenter to Develop WIPE.”

As they posted the press release on a distribution site, an email from their Julian Philips arrived with a photo attached to it (the one on the left – photo at dmfiction.com). They sent a quick note to the website asking it to STOP PRESS, and once again averted an imminent PR disaster. “Imagine what Rupert Murdoch would’ve said, ah?” he said as he smiled at the sunshine at last coming through the open window.

According to Afamasaga, Julian Philips’s stories have the same quirky and closed view of the world as does Jon Le Mac’s. “Julian’s stories are small,” he noted, “in cramped, small, well-defined spaces – up in a tree, beside a grave. He’ll be able to make things intimate within the spaces we conjure, like inside a video game, which is essentially inside a TV screen.”

WIPE (available at etfiction.com) is the heartwarming story of how Polina Rada, a Russian orphan, an FBI Agent named Ms San Fe, and a bad boy from LA named John Page all come together as a family unit. This comes to pass within a world-wide phenomenon of a video game that creates itself as people play it. It does this by sucking their ideas through the controls its players innocently hold to play its levels, which they have unconsciously created – WIPE the video game.

Portions of the screenplay will be available on www.dmfiction.com, LMLA-inkРІР‚в„ўs new portal. These will include the synopsis, snippets of the character development process, and a few sample scenes, as a precursor to the launch of the Wireless Data Content Provider in November.

John Reyer Afamasaga also said that “Julian will also be able to sensitize for you and me what Polina Rada and WIPE are about, just as Lazoo had dreamed it”

Web Site = http://www.dmfiction.com

Contact Details = john@afamasaga.net

Ban The Phrase “Terrible Twos” Says Popular NYC Based Nursery and Preschool


Released on = May 30, 2007, 10:53 am

Press Release Author = Jessica Collins/ smarter Toddler

Industry = Education

Press Release Summary = Smarter Toddler Nursery and Preschool in New York City has announced a ban on the phrase Terrible Twos

Press Release Body = Smarter Toddler Nursery and Preschool in New York City has announced a ban on the phrase Terrible TwoРІР‚в„ўs insisting that the term encourages and excuses bad behavior in Toddlers. “A two year old who people refer to as a Terrible Two may need either more physical activity, more stimulating academic challenges or simply more 1-on-1 attention,” said Jessica Collins, spokesperson for the school, “At Smarter Toddler we don’t believe in the phrase Terrible Two’s. What we do believe in is giving a child a combination of attention and special activities that help to keep their minds off of the need to begin what some would describe as bad behavior. Smarter Toddler does that by providing children with a warm, loving, fun environment that focuses on the artistic, cultural and social development of each child”.

The teachers and management of Smarter Toddler would like the support of not only parents with children at their center but also parents, guardians and teachers everywhere to not use the term Terrible TwoРІР‚в„ўs.

“Educators and psychologists have proved that negative statements are more likely to encourage negative behavior in not only children but adults also,” said Ms. Collins. “Call Johnny a bad boy and your likely to get a bad boy. Instead of saying Terrible Two, using the term Terrific Two is much more positive and likely to encourage and expect good behavior in a child”.

About Smarter Toddler:
Smarter Toddler is a Daycare Center and Preschool on ManhattanРІР‚в„ўs Upper West Side founded by parents of gifted toddlers who wanted a progressive preschool with an advanced arts-based curriculum that their own children could benefit from, hence the name. It has long been proven that a childРІР‚в„ўs brain is like a dry sponge capable of absorbing knowledge at a much faster rate than an adult’s. As a result, at Smarter Toddler youРІР‚в„ўre never too young to begin learning. Since the first Smarter Toddler location at 89th street became popular a new location at 55th street and 9th avenue near Lincoln Center is planned for September 2007.

Smarter Toddler (Nursery, Daycare Centers, Preschools, Early Childhood Schools)
Upper West Side Location:
100A West 89th Street
New York, NY 10024

Midtown Location near Columbus Circle (opening September 2007)
400 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

WEBSITE: http://www.SmarterToddler.net
PHONE: (212) 721.9782

Web Site = http://www.SmarterToddler.net

Contact Details = Smarter Toddler (Nursery, Daycare Centers, Preschools, Early
Childhood Schools)
Upper West Side Location:
100A West 89th Street
New York, NY 10024
PHONE: (212) 721.9782

Fox Interactive Media Agrees to Acquire Photobucket and Flektor, Inc.

WebРІР‚в„ўs Fastest-Growing Personal Media Site and Next Generation Web-Based Photo and Video Service to Join News CorporationРІР‚в„ўs Leading Network of Internet Brands

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fox Interactive Media (FIM), a division of News Corporation, today announced separate agreements to acquire Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com) and Flektor, Inc. (http://www.flektor.com). Photobucket is one of the WebРІР‚в„ўs most popular photo- and video-sharing services, and Flektor is a next-generation Web site that provides users with a suite of Web-based tools to transform their photos and videos into dynamic slideshows, postcards, live interactive presentations and video mash-ups. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of these two companies is a perfect strategic fit for us that reinforces FIM’s leadership in user-generated content,” said Peter Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive Media. “As a leading site for creative expression Photobucket extends our reach among personal media sharing enthusiasts and the innovative new entrant Flektor brings highly-differentiated new tools to the table that will drive the next generation. Together, they represent a powerful combination and we are thrilled for them to join our network.”

Photobucket and Flektor join a number of other leading online destinations within FIM, currently the WebРІР‚в„ўs most-viewed network in the U.S. with more than 45 billion page views per month.(a) The groupРІР‚в„ўs properties include MySpace, IGN Entertainment, FOXSports.com, AmericanIdol.com and others.


Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com) has over 42 million users(a) linking billions of personal photos, images, slideshows, and videos to hundreds of thousands of Web sites. In addition, 47% of all Photobucket users link to social networks such as FIMРІР‚в„ўs MySpace (http://www.myspace.com), the worldРІР‚в„ўs leading lifestyle portal.

Photobucket is expected to remain in operation as a standalone site while its technology and tools will be used to enhance sites across the FIM network, as well as the more than 300,000 other Web sites linked to by PhotobucketРІР‚в„ўs users. Photobucket is based in Denver, CO, with additional offices in Palo Alto, CA.

“Becoming part of the Fox Interactive Media network will have a tremendous and positive impact on our ability to serve our users’ needs,” said Alex Welch, CEO, Photobucket. “We plan to continue developing innovative tools that enhance self-expression and allow our users to have the best media sharing, linking and searching experience on the Web. Partnering with FIM will give us the resources and support to deliver on this vision, as well as the ability to offer new opportunities to our end users, customers and partners.”


FlektorРІР‚в„ўs innovative technology enables users to edit video and audio content in real-time, and either publish the finished product to Flektor.com (http://www.flektor.com) or embed it on any number of Web sites, blogs or social network profile pages.

By offering both editing and storage capabilities, Flektor gives content creators the tools to easily create mash-ups or other types of user-generated media clips without incurring the cost or technical expertise necessary to store and manage large files. FlektorРІР‚в„ўs approach to streaming photo slideshows and videos allows users to incorporate live features, such as quizzes and polls, into their creations and update previously-posted content without having to re-post the files.

”We founded Flektor to give Internet users the tools they need to easily create, connect and share content,” said Jason Rubin, co-founder of Flektor. “Becoming a part of the Fox Interactive Media network will enable us to deliver these tools to the broadest possible online audience.”

About Flektor, Inc.

Founded in 2006, Flektor is focused on bringing an entertainment software approach to the Web by empowering users with simple tools for content creation. Headquartered in Culver City, CA, Flektor combines experience and creative vision in the interactive entertainment industry with a world-class team of Internet, technology and business veterans. The company was self-funded by the founders and continues to establish strategic partnerships with third party sites and content creators.

About Photobucket

Photobucket is the Web’s most popular creative hub, with more than 42 million users linking billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows and videos daily to hundreds of thousands of web sites, including: MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, eBay, Craigslist, Blogger and Xanga. In addition to linking content, Photobucket users share their personal digital media by email, instant messaging, and mobile devices. Every day, over 7.5 million personal photos, graphics and videos are uploaded to Photobucket for sharing with family, friends and the online world. The company actively moderates content to create a safe environment for its users, partners and advertisers. Photobucket has offices in Palo Alto, California and Denver, Colorado and is located online at http://www.photobucket.com. For the latest feature announcements and news, please visit the Photobucket blog at http://blog.photobucket.com.

About Fox Interactive Media:

A division of News Corporation (NYSE:NWS), Fox Interactive Media (FIM) offers a global, border-free online network that caters to consumers by giving them the platform and tools to express themselves, communicate with each other, and engage with the best music, TV, film, sports, information and more. The company’s worldwide network includes such category leaders as MySpace, IGN Entertainment, FOXSports.com, RottenTomatoes, AskMen, AmericanIdol.com and more that together comprise one of the largest and most engaged audiences on the Web.

(a) according to comScore Media Metrix, April 2007

This document contains certain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are made based on management’s views and assumptions regarding future events and business performance as of the time the statements are made. Actual results may differ materially from these expectations due to changes in global economic, business, competitive market and regulatory factors. More detailed information about these and other factors that could affect future results is available in our filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These “forward-looking statements” made in this document are made only as of the date of this document and we do not have any obligation to publicly update any “forward-looking statements” to reflect subsequent events or circumstances, except as required by law.

Creabilis Therapeutics Receives MHRA Authorization to Carry Out Phase I Clinical Trial in the UK for Topical CT327

Released on = May 30, 2007, 5:42 am

Press Release Author = creabilis therapeutics

Industry = Biotech

Press Release Summary = Colleretto Giacosa (Torino, Italy) May 30, 2007 – CREABILIS therapeutics SpA announced that it has received authorization from the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to carry out a Phase I Clinical Trial for CT327 in the UK.

Press Release Body = CT327 is a new chemical entity obtained throughout the application of the CREABILIS proprietary technology called “MiniPEGylation”, based on the conjugation of small molecules with very low molecular weight PEG.

CT327, a 2 kDa PEG derivative of K252a, has shown very high efficacy in animal models and an extremely favorable safety profile. It has displayed strong antiproliferative activity on keratinocytes by inhibiting the kinase activity of NGF receptor TrkA. The remarkable kinase selectivity is the basis of the demonstrated negligible toxicity of CT327.

The new drug has also shown very low or minimal systemic absorption after dermal administration. The target profile of the desirable topical drug has thus been fully met. CT327 is intended to be used for the topical treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis, and other pathologies related to keratinocyte hyperproliferation.

Psoriasis and dermatitis are relevant skin disorders, impacting also patientРІР‚в„ўs quality of life. These pathologies have a prevalence of over 3% of the population with different levels of severity. All the patients, even those treated with biologics, need topical treatment: practically 95% of patient population use topical drugs.

CT327 then represents a very promising drug with a highly competitive position versus the current treatments.

S. Fumero, CEO of CREABILIS therapeutics, commented: “The approval to enter Clinical Trial of CT327 is an important achievement for CREABILIS. Considering that we received the precursor molecule (K252a, kindly offered by Cephalon Inc. under MTA) in November 2005, we have completed the entire development for approval in 18 months. This demonstrates the high efficiency and capability of CREABILIS team to manage and coordinate the drug development process. We expect to enter Phase I Clinical Trial in the UK very soon”.

S. Traversa, CSO of CREABILIS therapeutics, said: “This is the first successful outcome of our MiniPEGylation technology. We have other miniPEGylated derivatives in our R&D pipeline and we strongly believe that they will reach similar successful achievements based on their high kinase selectivity and outstanding drugability”.

F. Conicella, General Manager of the Bioindustry Park del Canavese, said: “I am very proud of this important result, because CT327 is the first candidate drug discovered and developed inside the Park facilities. The scientific and technical support of the Park has been certainly instrumental to the speed of development by which CREABILIS has brought its molecule to clinical stage”.

About CREABILIS therapeutics SpA
CREABILIS therapeutics
is an Italian biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing new therapeutic candidates for skin pathologies and related conditions with significant unmet medical needs. Founded in 2003, CREABILIS is located in the Bioindustry Park del Canavese, with a subsidiary laboratory in Milano (Centro Cardiologico Monzino). CREABILIS therapeutics is today strongly committed to exploit the potential of its discovery assets and its know-how in the fields of inflammation, kinase inhibition, and cytokine-chemokine networking, especially in, but not limited to, dermal pathologies.

CT327 is the most advanced project entering now Phase I. The early stage of this project was partially funded by Regione Piemonte. Business development of CT327 is supported by Bio3 Reasearch, Milano. A second preclinical stage asset, derived by the application of the MiniPEGylation technology (CT335), is under development for the treatment of BehГ§et’s Disease as orphan drug. A third preclinical stage project, in collaboration with Nautilus Biotech (Paris), is a mutated HMGB1 Box A for the systemic treatment of infectious skin disorders and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. For more information, please visit: www.creabilistherapeutics.com


Web Site = http://www.creabilistherapeutics.com

Contact Details = Creabilis therapeutics SpA
Via Ribes 5
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (Torino) Italy

Libellula Creations (LibellulaCreations.com) an Upscale Baby Boutique, announces their Big Sale on Big, Brand Name Labels


Released on = May 29, 2007, 2:24 pm

Press Release Author = Rhonda Smith/Owner

Industry = Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary = These labels include:

These big, brand labels are marked down 15% to 25%.

Press Release Body = Libellula Creations is also proud to offer a diverse line of apparel and accessories which include:

2 Red Hens
A Wish
B Squared
Baby Nay
Beary Basics
China Doll Shoes
City Threads
Cotton Caboodle
Darling Droolers

Devi Baby
Empress Arts
Fortune Tee
Granny Annies
Green T
Handmade by Mimi
Lil’ Punk
Love, Mom
Mad Sky
Mama Love
Meg Dana
Mio Piccolo

Nollie Covers
Nuckel Pacific Chains
Patricia Ann Designs
Pinc Premium TM
Red Decco
Samson & Martin
Sister Sam
Urban Smalls
Wonder Boy

Libellula Creations is a privately held, California based on-line baby boutique. Their goal is to specialize in hip/urban infant, toddler, and maternity clothing as well as accessories. They personally hand pick all of our products and take pride in bringing them to their customers. Sizes range from 0 to 6x.

Products include but are not limited to diaper bags, hooded towels, wash mits, childrenРІР‚в„ўs footwear, baby blankets, stroller blankets, boys and girls clothing, tutuРІР‚в„ўs, and various accessories.

***The Spring line has arrived!!!!!****

For more information on about Libellula Creations, please visit their website at http://www.LibellulaCreations.com


Web Site = http://www.libellulacreations.com

Contact Details = Our contact information is as follows:

Libellula Creations
16787 Beach Blvd., Suite 653
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 846-1081
(888) 545-3724

Deal RoundUp for May 28-29: Frenzoo; Jajah; GreenBorder

Google Acquires GreenBorder – First Step Towards Google Antivirus?

Google’s acquisition spree shows no signs of stopping: now the company has acquired Mountain View-based GreenBorder , which creates security software . It’s an interesting idea: the software creates a kind of sandbox for your web browsing, so that any viruses, spyware and trojans you pick up during your session are deleted as soon as the browser is closed.

Jajah Announces Deutsche Telekom As Second Series C Investor

Earlier this month we announced VOIP startup Jajah had accepted $20 million in series C investment from Intel Capital . Tonight, Jajah has announced that they’ve added a co-lead to the round: Deutsche Telekom (T-mobile). The initial news of the investment was rushed out by Intel with Deutsche Telekom holding off announcement of their investment until today. Deutsche Telekom’s investment in Jajah marks the first investment of a telco in one of the VoIP startups.

Skype Founders Invest in Frenzoo

Ambient Sound Investments , a company established by the four co-founding engineers of Skype, have invested in the Hong Kong based 3D social networking company Frenzoo as part of a Series A round investment aimed at expanding the service through out Asia. ASI owners include Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn, Senior Developers at Skype, Ahti Heinla, Chief Architect at Skype and Toivo Annu, a former Skype Head of Engineering.

BugAware 5.0 Bug Tracking Software Release

Released on = May 27, 2007, 4:24 pm

Press Release Author = Jackal Software pty ltd

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = Jackal Software releases a major upgrade to their bug tracking software, BugAware. ASP Hosted and installed versions are available and both support multi-lingual versions of the the software.

Press Release Body = BugAware version 5.0 has been released!

The long awaited version 5.0 of BugAware has finally been released along with a brand new slick web site and web based user interface.

Jackal Software’s Bug Tracking Software is fully web based and is designed to be integrated with your company intranet. BugAware is a complete Bug Tracking Software solution hosting features found in all of its major competitors, but at a fraction of the cost. Available as both an ASP Hosted and an installed solution, the ASP Hosted version is available online instantly after sign-up. The first 30 days of use are completely free with no obligation to continue your subscription. The install version is hosted on your own server and includes the complete source code at no additional cost.

Through a sophisticated interface, users can send help desk requests, track issues and bugs, and manage teams with ease. Critical and important tasks are easily recognized through a unique color-coded priority task list. Tasks can be sorted by urgency, issue, type, status and author and published in a printer friendly format for hardcopy output. Email alerts keep staff communication open as users are instantly notified of task changes. Managers and stakeholders are also kept in the loop. Each task has its own discussion thread attached keeping a complete history of the communication between affected staff members. Daily email alerts are sent each morning informing users of their top priority tasks needing attention. Managers and team leaders are able to view and organize their team tasks, giving them the ability to see exactly what is being done and what needs to be done.

Every aspect of the Bug Tracking Software is configurable. The BugAware administrator can create and modify systems, custom fields, task type, task status, priority and even the colors representing the task’s urgency. BugAware now includes a unique external access system that allows your clients to submit issues remotely without a BugAware account.

Multi lingual support is a new addition to BugAware and includes English, Danish and French translations. A German translation will be available soon and you can easily translate BugAware yourself using the language templates provided.

Jackal Software Pty Ltd are offering a free 30 day ASP Hosted trial of the software. Why not try out the new features of BugAware yourself by signing up today.

Web Site = http://www.bugaware.com

Contact Details = Jackal Software

Student jetPacks

Released on = May 26, 2007, 10:19 am

Press Release Author = Joe Cawley

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = A new UK company has taken the worry out of being prepared with the ultimate travel accessory, giving young travellers a head start on their journey.

Press Release Body = Savvy travelers fly with a Student jetPack

A new UK company has taken the worry out of being prepared with the ultimate travel accessory, giving young travellers a head start on their journey.

Traveling is an eye-opening experience, but one fraught with difficulties if not enough planning is involved.

Student jetPacks aims to increase the safety and experience of youth and student travelers, by providing essential information and vital products prior to departure.

Equipped with a local SIM card, travelcard, coinage, maps and city information, a Travel jetPack will help travelers get organised and save money on their travels!

All jetPacks are country specific, including the UK, Spain, Australia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, and Poland.

As an example, a UK jetPack contains the following:• A pre-activated pre-pay UK SIM card with £1 credit
• £2 International dialling card
• The Britain Big Map (2 x 3 ft) highlighting all cities and major towns as well as the road and rail networks. The map also contains a guide to Britain’s 120 top attractions.
• London bus and tube attraction map
• Rail and Coach discount information
• Student info pack
• £1.50 emergency loose coin bag
• Luggage lock
• Property security marker
• Emergency light stick
• A ‘Don’t Forget’ checklist for before, during and after your visit.
• Emergency contact/info card
• jetPack document/passport holder

Priced at around $50, a Student jetPack could be a lifesaver for new arrivals, AND ease the worries of concerned parents at home.

See www.studentjetpacks.com

FREE OFFER: Quote reference JO73 and also get a 150-word pocket phrase card free with every Travel jetPack, or a luggage lock free with every travel accessory.


Web Site = http://www.studentjetpacks.com/?utm_source

Contact Details = Contact writer@joecawley.co.uk
+34 922 857002

Lake Mary, FL USA – Test Equipment Connection Corporation announces new U.S. Distribution Agreement with Fluke Electronics Corporation.


Released on = May 25, 2007, 8:58 am

Press Release Author = Phil Vogel Business Development Manager

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Test Equipment Connection Corporation today announced that the company has entered into a U.S. distribution sales agreement with Fluke Electronics Corporation to sell FlukeРІР‚в„ўs new electrical and electronic test tools.

Press Release Body = “The Fluke brand name and their vast array of products are well known for being high quality, user friendly, portable and rugged. Every manufacturing plant, electronics company, or field service organization represents another potential customer for Fluke products, and we know these users well,” said John Bahng, C.E.O. of Test Equipment Connection Corporation. “Fluke has achieved an industry leading position in most every market in which it competes. We’re excited about our ability at Test Equipment Connection to address growing customer demand for Fluke test tools.”

About Fluke Electronics Corporation:
A wholly owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), Fluke is a multi-national corporation headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA. Manufacturing centers are located in the USA, the UK, Asia and The Netherlands. Sales and service subsidiaries are located in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Fluke Corporation employs approximately 2,400 people worldwide.

About Test Equipment Connection Corporation:
Test Equipment Connection Corporation is the largest vendor of New and Refurbished electronic test and measurement (“T&M”) equipment and is located in sunny Lake Mary, FL. Test Equipment Connection sells, rents, leases, buys and repairs over 40 different T&M manufacturer products. Test Equipment Connection is a single source supplier with an in-house calibration laboratory assuring that customers receive only the highest quality T&M equipment and support. The Company has over 200,000 customers, a 45,000 square foot warehouse and repair facility, and over 14 years of profitability and financial strength. The Company’s web site is located at www.testequipmentconnection.com For More Information Contact: sales@testequipmentconnection.com

Web Site = http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/

Contact Details = Press Release Contact Information:
Phil Vogel business@testequipmentconnection.com
Business Development Manager
Test Equipment Connection Corporation
(800) 615-8378 x 141