Proximic takes on Google but overlooks Sphere, LinkedWords, Kontera, VibranMedia and others

German startup , based in Palo Alto, Proximic claims that it can deliver more realistically targeted ads on any given page using what it calls ‘Pattern Proximity’ compared to Google AdSense.


As taken from their web site:

At Proximic, we want to turn the cumbersome art of finding information into something more natural and complete. We believe information should proactively find the user not the other way around. By dynamically cross-linking useful and relevant things across the web we will help users become more productive and provide the Internet economy with greater control, precision, and profitability of content monetization.

The idea of finding relevant information within the content’s context one is reading is not something new. for example has been around for more than a year now but seeing how Proximic plans to do that I think is taking a different approach and instead of using a widget that matches the context they are linking strategic words across web pages, documents and content areas through their contextual platform (38M page large, btw) as in this way they create contextual connections between two and more content areas with the same context helping this way common users find contextual information while web publishers are given with the opportunity to gather and exchange extremely targeted traffic among themselves. As far as I understand the matter seeding contextual links around web on tens of thousands of content areas is perhaps better idea taking into consideration the long term benefits of having static in-text links around web rather than relying on a java/ajax based widget which normally is closed for the eyes of the major search engines and their indexing/filtering/semantic/clustering engines. Simply said real contextual links among content areas around web seems better and easier idea by me than contextual connections among web sites done through invisible for the search engines and placed off the real text widget. Proof for the better approach is currently the 400,000+ unique visitors per month to the LinkedWords’ contextual platform. is also well known player on the market among some older guys like Vibrant Media and Kontera while BlogRovr is just starting with this.

Proximic claims to be showing relevant results based on the content one is reading by gathering results from multiple sources, including Wikipedia but a weak point here is that they are not maintaining their own index massive…

They are also relying on a browser add-on that could be yet another weak point in their marketing strategy; it is well known fact how hard is for you to convince web users add yet another thing on their already overloaded browsers.

A good point here is the speed they load the results with, very fast.

Proximic is a privately funded company based in Palo Alto, California and Munich, Germany. Investors include Wellington Partners and the Holtzbrinck Group, the publisher of numerous publications including Scientific American.

(Disclosure: We are presently using LinkedWords).

More information about Proximic as it appeared on some other tech blogs as well as their web site:

Their blog:

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